I Imagine A Day

This is one of the posts I so deeply want to share. I want to share it so bad that I can’t wait to put it in the list of My Picks Of The Week. So here you go! We do not appreciate teachers enough. Just like nurses they are simply there. We do not realize how much they actually give and how little they receive. And yet they are so important.

All In A Dad's Work

Each and every one of us has had multiple teachers throughout our lives. Some good. Some not so good. Some rememberable. Some not. Whether you loved them or loathed them they were still your teacher. They taught you to be who you have become today. No matter what profession you have entered into, someone taught you how to do it. From pizza delivery to doctors. From sanitaion workers to astronauts. We were all taught.

Yet, schools are still struggling to make ends meet. Schools still struggle to send their students to learn outside of the classroom on a field trip. Schools are still struggling to provide teachers and students alike the resources they need to succeed. I cannot count on my hands and toes the number of teachers who spend their hard earned money on their students and classroom.

I imagine the day when teachers step into the spotlight to…

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