Blast From The Past – No, I’m Not Irish…

I just got asked again. I got asked if I’m Irish. Every time I wonder why they would ask me that. I don’t think I’m Irish and I have written about it before so hence the Blast In The Past post about this subject.

Maybe it’s about the way I pronounce the ‘r’… I seriously don’t know…

Over the last couple of months I got asked multiple times if I’m Irish. In fact, I actually sometimes got told that I must be Irish. Let me tell you: I’m not. Not at all. There is not a drop of Irish blood in my system. After asking my close friends if I sound Irish they told me that I don’t. I sound German or Swiss… Oh well… I know that I will never manage to shake this off. And to be honest I don’t try hard at all. It’s the way I talk, it’s where I come from. But the Irish thing didn’t let me go. So I figured I might check out what would make people think that I’m Irish…

I thought the easiest would be to google what the most common stereotypes about Irish people are. And this is what I found on this cool site:

  1. The Irish are all drunks
  2. They fight
  3. They all have red hair
  4. Irish people are all fabulously articulate, skilled wordsmiths and poets; just generally wonderful with language basically. Now I had to add some more points, some I think make a typical Irish person:
  5. They all tend to sing in the pup
  6. They know the lyrics to all Irish songs ever played
  7. An Irish Pub is like a magnet to all Irish immigrants or expats in the area
  8. They stick together

So where am I in that mix…

  1. Yes, I love my drink but when I was asked if I’m Irish (or told that I must be…) I was definitely not drunk. Actually I did not even have a drink. So nope, I’m not constantly drunk.
  2. I don’t get physical. I might have an argument but I tend to try to solve things by talking them through. Not my fault if you don’t listen to me 😉
  3. Yep, I do have read hair…
  4. I’m not a poet. I tend to believe though that I’m pretty okay with languages…
  5. I would never sing in a pub. At least not on a microphone…
  6. I wish I would know the lyrics to the Irish songs I know. I love to listen to Irish music but I do not know the lyrics by heart.
  7. I wouldn’t have a clue were the closest Irish pub is…
  8. I stick to my friends. But they don’t have to be Swiss… their “just” my friends, no matter where they are from.

I guess it must be the red hair then…

Not that I wouldn’t like to be Irish. Not at all. I think Irish people are awesome. Still, let me tell you: Just because a person has red hair and has a funny accent doesn’t mean that they are Irish. And if someone tells you that they are not Irish, then believe them. I pretty sure they know best.

Hope you enjoy the Waterboys…


8 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – No, I’m Not Irish…

  1. I am one quarter Irish, on my mother’s side. The fair skin, brown hair, freckles combination seems to be pretty typical. I used to go to ethnic festivals, where all were represented, and I really look the most like the folks in the Irish community, of all ages. (On father’s side…eastern European, Czech and Hungarian.)

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  2. I get how perplexing it can be for you. I am Asian but I frequently get asked if I am Mexican. *shake heads* I don’t get it….

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