The Ultimate Blogging Challenge – Day 4

Today’s Ultimate Blogging Challenge task took me a bit by surprise as I don’t do recommendations when blogging. Well, that is besides my Picks Of The Week posts if you want so. I’m not a fashion blogger, don’t know enough about labels and recommending accommodation for when you travel is tricky too as I believe it is so very personal what you like and don’t like.

So let me give you the following recommendation:

Go out there and live your life. Enjoy your day. Find something positive in everything, even if it doesn’t appear as something positive in the first place. Lift yourself up if nobody else manages to do so.

Look up when you are outside and don’t miss out on the beautiful things out there. Hear the nice things being said, enjoy the compliments you receive.

I strongly believe that you are in charge of your happiness.

And now, to end this post, let me recommend a song to you I like a lot. I know I just only posted it in the last Blast Of The Past post. Anyway: It’s one of the songs that actually makes me feel so good from deep inside and I hope it will do the same to you too. And I can’t stop there. I would like you to check out the other two songs too. I hope you will like them… hey, maybe there’s a bit of Irish in me after all… 😉




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