On Repeat

How was your day? How was your week? How was your weekend? Innocent questions, right? And yet they can trigger so many thoughts.

There are moments when I think that my days, my weeks, my weekends all look the same. The same routine. The same things. Nothing wild happening. Everything repeats itself. The answer you might give following the above question would be “same old…”.

Sometimes it feels like life is on repeat. You get up in the morning and the routine is the same, day in day out. Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and repeat.

Sometimes when it gets to me I wonder if other people’s life is more exciting. I wonder how it would feel like to be a super successful business person, an athlete competing at the Olympics, an actor on a big movie set, a singer preparing for a concert. I wonder if I would swap my life for theirs.

I never have to wonder for too long. The answer is a pretty clear no. I would never swap. It all seems so amazing, so fancy, so adventurous, so big, so shiny, so exciting. In the end though it is a life on repeat mode as well.

The successful business person will get up in the morning, eat breakfast, head to work, have meetings, eat lunch, make decisions, back to meetings, drink coffee or so, eventually head home, feeling exhausted and maybe stressed out, just to get back to it again the next day.

Look at how much training goes into participating at Olympic games. How much commitment goes into a career like this. No spontaneous drinking a bottle of wine with your friends and having a late night. No slacking with your training routine. Depending on how famous you are no slips in general as it will all end up in the media. Life is on repeat too. Getting up for training, eating a healthy diet, working out, treating your body as your temple, ice bath, massages and so on. On a schedule, on a daily base.

Same with actors and singers rehearsing their acts over and over again. Their day for sure often looks like being on repeat over and over again. Well… besides the big yachts… but hey, maybe that gets sort of boring too???

Back to the “the grass is greener on the other side” way of thinking. As I stated in a post a little while back, this is not my way of thinking. It’s a jealous way of thinking and it will lead to one thing: When you wonder how life would be in another role than the one you are currently in, you play with the idea of giving up what you have in order to get what looks so much more attractive from the outside.

So are you willing to jeopardize what you have for something that might look so much better but in real but most probably turns out to be living life on repeat as well?

I’m pretty sure everyone, successful or not, famous or not, feels like life is on repeat at some points. But it’s what we make of it. It’s the routine we choose, the rhythm we give the song we move to. It might feel boring at some times but can also be so comforting.

As long as we don’t feel like we are stuck in a hamster wheel not getting out of it and ending up being bored out of our mind, routine is not our enemy. Frustration is. Boredom is. Giving up is.

When we reach the point where the thought of living life on repeat starts wearing us down it’s time to step out of our routine and discover new options. While sometimes we might realize that we are not ready to do so, on other occasions we just can’t cope with running in circles any longer. Our routine might not give us the comfort we felt before anymore. This is the moment we need to step out of the circle, jump off the wheel and change something.


13 thoughts on “On Repeat

  1. Without a real schedule, retirement is proving to be wonderful. And, oddly enough, I make my own schedule now, establish routines that are lovely and comfortable to me. It’s a good thing. And, I’m never bored. Years ago, I would certainly have been. ☺

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  2. I feel like this sometimes,and I can fester in that feeling for so long. But this weekend I broke my cycle and did something different. It felt really good. I am giving it a try again.

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  3. This is to be found on page 71 of my poetry book:
    How fragile this foundation,
    This earth we live upon,
    That the ruts we inhabit
    Can grow deeper each day
    From our merely existing in them.

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  4. I see routine as a scaffolding of life; a foundation, the pillars. Keeps you grounded.Then all the other extras go around it, into it, through it….shaking it up in between. Then there’s where the excitement begins!. 😉
    Routine works very well with our kids too. Like you, as mundane as things can be, I wouldn’t trade it for the world! 😊

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  5. My spouse, in his retirement, still maintains a list of things to do. That, in the adding and subtracting of items, was not enough for him. He still didn’t feel that he was getting anything done, and that of course was a frustration for him. He creatively solved this problem by adding a note on the calendar when he did whatever he did that day. These notes jog his memory and make him feel better when he can’t remember what he did the previous day, or any day for that matter!

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