9 thoughts on “#1 Students

  1. I”ve always seen and read that Finland has an outstanding education system. I’ve always been confused why no one is following in their footsteps. I wonder if other countries have tried their strategies but couldn’t make them work…

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    • From what I heard Scandinavia is pretty good in general. I think it takes a lot to push something traditional over the line. And I believe that it’s mostly about parents being happy for their kids to be looked after while they work. School is a free childcare option for many… Not sure why it has not been adopted in more countries. I for sure love the Finnish philosophy. But then, I’m a homeschooler too and I guess you see that a child actually can learn everything they need in “only” 3 hours…

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      • I wonder what the class sizes are like in Finland. I know here there are so many kids 25-30 sometimes. Not much gets done in 3 hours because so much time is dedicated to simply classroom management. When classes are smaller then class time dedicated to learning instead of trying to convince kids to want to learn. I fully agree that things won’t change because parents use school as free child care. Guess this will be my next “teacher post” 🙂

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      • Some European countries have more than one teacher per class. That helps managing the class as there are “only” so and so many kids per teacher. Not sure how it’s done in Scandinavia though. Would be interesting to find out… Can’t wait to read your “Teacher post”…


      • I have seen multiple teachers per class. Here they’re teacher assistants. While I don’t want to put them down because they are extremely helpful, they’re not certified teachers and don’t take any of the teaching load. They are, however, a great asset for classroom management. The “teacher post” is in the draft folder simmering 🙂

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