2nd Anniversary Is Approaching Fast – Party With Me

Celebrate with me and share your link!

A Momma's View

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Can you believe that A Momma’s View will soon turn 2? Crazy, right? My little baby blog is slowly turning into a toddler 🙂

I know we should only celebrate on the day but I decided to make it a anniversary week (or two) and start already now. I will share this post on a couple of occasions until the day if finally here, so please don’t be shy and share away!

Come on over and celebrate with me! No better way than with a Blogger Party, right?

  • Share a link to your favorite post on your blog in the comments.
  • Short intro of your blog won’t hurt.
  • Please don’t forget to check out posts that have been shared in the comments already, to keep it fair. After all you want to meet new bloggers too, right?

Let’s make it a big party, so please also share this link with…

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6 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary Is Approaching Fast – Party With Me

  1. Party On!!

    Vic here. I just recently celebrated my 2nd year anniversary of my blog. Started out as a mental health blog (my spouse is bipolar) but has evolved to me also writing abut family, food, daily life, a bit of photography, philosophy and sometimes really random bulls**t. 😉 Come on on…the water is fine, sit back and enjoy.


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