No better challenge than putting the word “frame” in a picture… Usually it’s the other way around, right? Pictures in frames… A picture in itself though is almost like framing a moment. Capturing one moment, an experience, maybe emotion is almost like putting it into a frame.

And then you have those moments, you hope that something or someone will move into a position where it or they will appear to be framed. Like above the birds. But none of them did me the favor of hopping into the little birdhouse…

18 thoughts on “Frame

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  2. Stunning photos. Your turtle shot reminded me of going swimming with a turtle at Monkey Mia, which is better known for swimming with dolphins. People always seem to leave the insects out of their descriptions. They’re very prolific!
    I am getting new lens in my glasses this week, which gives another interpretation of “frame” altogether, not to mention the pain of paying for them!

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  3. Those birds are beautiful-what are they Sandra? We have lovely red cardinals here in Virginia but they are only red with varying shades of brown (between males & females).

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