35 thoughts on “That One Time

    • Seems to be imprinted in our system unfortunately… Something I want to work on, also in regards to my children. See the good first. Highlighting the positive instead of the negative and then go from there.

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  1. This is the major flaw in our own minds, the bad sticks out so much more clearly then the good. Even though the good outweighs a lot of the bad, for some reason it is always overshadowed.

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  2. A simple lesson with profound implications. After all, is it not this quirk in human nature that perpetuates family feuds, petty grievances, and provides justification to withhold forgiveness?

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  3. It’s a pity how our human nature is so similar that starts to think in the same way right from the childhood. Imagine if we all started to implant the sense of constructiveness into the minds of our children now, what a positive world it would become in years!

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  4. What a harsh lesson!
    We should teach our kids to be the ones complimenting and not just accepting the status quo. Let me be the first one to change the tide…

    I love your blog! Every post of it.

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    • It seems to be imprinted. Look around… watch parents with their kids. Usually they point out what was done wrong. Not was done well. If they point out what was done well there is usually a “but” and then they go on about what mistake was made. Hard to leave the cycle…


  5. On the job, I have heard the same concept expressed as nine ‘atta-boys will not make up for one aw, shit.

    “One ‘aw, shit’ wipes out a thousand ‘attaboys’” means that one mistake (also “aw. shucks” or “oh no” or “aw fooey” or “oh damn” or “ah-shit”) ruins many good works (“attaboys”). The number of “attaboys” is not standard in the expression, but it’s usually 10, 100 or 1,000 “attaboys.” There is an expression in the Navy (and probably the civilian sector) that says “one aw shit wipes out a thousand attaboys”. The Navy has had quite a few attaboys, yet suffered a few “aw shits!”

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