Another Versatile Blogger Award

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I know a couple of bloggers who have decided to go award free with their blogs. I totally understand but up until today I would not do the same. I think each and every time I get awarded for one of the blogger awards out there it puts a smile on my face. So thank you so very much, A Penny For My Thought, for nominating me for another Versatile Blogger Award.

The only issue I actually have with being nominated is that I often struggle to come up with nominees, just because I find it hard to only pick a few out of this massive amount of fantastic blogs out there.

Sucheta, thank you so very much for nominating me. I bet you thought I forgot all about it… I didn’t πŸ˜‰

To The Rules:

  1. Show the award on yourΒ blog. Done
  2. Thank the person/people who nominated you. Done
  3. Share 7 things aboutΒ yourself. Okay
  4. Nominate 10 blogs. Okay


I will turn this around slightly as it is my blogs birthday week this week. So I kind of feel I can do what I like there… I know, I know…

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Anyway… So let’s not share any facts about me. I’ve done that plenty of times in my award posts. Let’s just celebrate my blogs 2nd Anniversary together!

Come on over and share check out what you have to do to be part of the celebration! Join the Blogger Meet & Greet Party and let’s make some new connections and maybe refresh old ones…

Don’t leave links here, head to the Meet & Greet post linked above to share your link…


26 thoughts on “Another Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congrats on your award and happy blog anniversary ❀ I will also be celebrating my second anniversary this September, quite frankly I didn't think I will last that long because I'm lazy and and always busy but blogging is addictive

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  2. what a gracious way to accept the award and customize it – and it really would be redundant to keep posting the same info – and even scrap for other blogs -so I think you nailed this – and congrats on 2 years πŸ™‚

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