If I Had Superpowers



While browsing blogs yesterday I discovered this fun challenge on Erika Kind’s blog. Hard to believe that there might be bloggers out there who don’t know Erika’s blog yet but if you have really not visited it yet, you are clearly missing out on something. Of course the challenge caught my eye and made me curious. So when Erika invited me to participate I was in! I also checked out FarahEdz blog and I think you should head there too 🙂

Now let’s get to it!

  • Name the creator of this tag: FarahEdz @ The Girl With Coffee
  • Use the Tag image  aboveDone
  • Thank your superhero  Nominator. Done 
  • Which or what  superpower would you want and why.
  • Please note that you are not under any obligation to participate if you are invited to do so…

the incredibles movies cartoons pixar hero

Not that easy to decide on the kind of superpower I’d like to have… As a mom I sometimes would love to have super speed, mind reading abilities (don’t we have them anyway???) and the power of making myself invisible… I’d like to be able to bend in all kind of directions, have multiple sets of arms in order to juggle everything and the super strength to deal with whatever is needed besides the normal chores.

Then of course I want all those powers to be able to protect my children in the future. But then we are parents, right? We do have powers and when it comes to protecting our children we have special powers. We have special skills…

And we will use whatever we have in order to protect our children. At least I would…

Of course I would love to fly… how awesome would it be to be able to fly, beat the traffic and just fly wherever you want to go. Or just head somewhere for a couple of hours to take a break.

Honestly, what I said in regards to being parents and having powers when we need them made me think a little bit more about what we are actually capable of doing if pushed to the limit. Of course we wouldn’t be able to fly or move objects by simply looking at them. We wouldn’t be able to become invisible, at least not truly disappear. But we can kind of touch on all those superpowers, don’t you think?

Look how fast we can get, if we truly need to run! Look who we can dig deep and find strength, physically and mentally, if we really need to! Look how we can switch on if we have to!

I believe we all have those special powers. We just need to find them…

However… flying would be nice…


I’d like to hear what kind of superpower you would choose, but of course understand if you’d like to keep it a secret:

Out An’ AboutDream Big, Dream Often
HarsH ReaLiTy



9 thoughts on “If I Had Superpowers

  1. Awesome that you participated! You know what? While reading your post I remembered when I was a kid I wanted to be like the Barbapapas and shape myself the way I just need it! Wonderful thoughts on superpowers, Sandra!

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