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    • Strawberries, eggs, peanuts, dairy, gluten… the list goes on and on… I refuse to believe that it has to do with the actual food. I think it is about all the chemicals that go into them…

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  1. well I believe allergies are misunderstood – and in some cases – An allergic reaction occurs because the item eaten is maybe trying to heal a person – and the herxheimer reaction (or healing crisis) that occurs is mistaken for an allergy-
    I say this partly because for me it was true – thought I was allergic to spirulina and certain herbs – but once I cleansed and rebuilt my bioterrain – I can eat almost anything. also – other chemical sensitivities dissipated completely !

    and I know some naturalists who insist that fungi and candidiasis (the fungal form of candida) is at the root of some allergies – and then the dear belated Hulda Clark (who was viewed iffy by some) showed that flukes and parasites are a root cause of many symptoms and illnesses – I believe this too – especially those pesky flukes (flat worms)

    and of course some GMO processing corrupts food too – and so as this post suggests – it is likely a mix of things –

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  2. I believe the chemicals and the processing of the foods is what is causing the allergies. As well as the fact the majority of kids do not spend enough time in the natural environment.

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  3. I’m with you here about how our food is being changed/modified.
    Forget new improved recipe………it means something unnatural has been added to replace the natural taste.
    We had it with tomato soup…. both of us getting horrendous migraines within minutes of finishing the bowl.
    Surprise, the original recipe is back.
    Another reason why I like to cook from scratch, as I’m in control of what goes into the dish I’m preparing.

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  4. I read somewhere that the lowering of the age of puberty, from 14-15 during American colonial days, to 12-13 now was due to hormones being fed to cattle and transmitted through beef and dairy. We alter vegetables so that they are toxic to insects and then reason that, hey,, we aren’t aphids so it’s all good for us. Way to improve on nature.

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