Your Stories – Phoenix, Or How We Met! By Cheer Up!

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Thank you so much, Mimi, for sharing your beautiful story. I think it is amazing to see how people meet, how it clicks in the most unlikely moments and places. In moments you don’t expect it. These are life’s true love stories.

If you have a story to share, please leave the link in the comments or email it to me. I would love to post it on my blog. Nothing better than a wonderful love story 🙂


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was the last evening of my trip. Three weeks previously, I had complained to my friend M about another friend having to bail on a planned trip to the Bahamas. She asked me to go with her to Puerto Rico instead.

It was a time in my life when I was ready to say “yes” to any new experience. Since the age of sixteen, when I first figured out the “they” and “we” of boys and girls, I had been a serial monogamist. When my first fledgling relationship splintered, I leapt into the next one with the eagerness of a novitiate embracing her faith. My faith had remained unshaken through several disappointments, and had finally given way a few months back, when a serious committed relationship of seven years had ended. I was twenty-nine, and determined to reclaim my un-lived college years.

The trip lived up to every unspoken expectation. I learnt to snorkel, hand held by a kind stranger. We both learnt to surf — she like a mermaid with her knee-length golden hair, I like a particularly inept ninja. We flirted with men of different nationalities and different ages, went spelunking in Rio de Camuy with three guys we had just met, and gaped at a mommy-and-baby pair of whales while out on a tiny and ancient motor boat piloted by a tiny and ancient cocaine addict.

This last evening, we were at a beach bar just before sunset, and I started a casual conversation with someone there. Two sentences into our conversation, I was hooked. S was a pilot. I had just taken my first (and sadly, only) flying lesson. More importantly, I had been an ardent Biggles fan since second grade. In some time, S’s friends asked us to go dancing, but I rebelled. I loved the ocean, and lived in landlocked Michigan. I wanted to go walking on the beach. Feeling ungracious about turning them down, I asked if anyone wanted to accompany me. S did.

1471985_10202008502467490_1309483117_n-2I no longer remember all the things we talked about, but we walked and talked for miles. He must have had an appetite for weird and quirky conversations (that is how most of mine turn out). At one point, I spotted a bonfire in the distance and insisted on checking it out. S (I later discovered) very reasonably thought this was foolish and unsafe, but felt compelled to come along. Finally, at 4:30 in the morning I begged off — I had to be on a 6 am flight. I gave him my number, but expected nothing to come of it. We would go back to to our own lives, S in New York, and I in Michigan.

Four years later, S proposed to me on a beach in Puerto Rico. We have now been happily married for four and a half years.


Would you like to know a little bit more about how Mimi’s relationship developed? Read it here…

2 thoughts on “Your Stories – Phoenix, Or How We Met! By Cheer Up!

  1. I interviewed someone for a job.A few weeks later talking to someone I’d said how nice it would be to get to know the woman in question. Turned out it was her sister I was talking to and she arranged a blind date.
    A month down the line at her house I discovered a pile of LP’s I’d loaned someone and never had back, he was her ex-boyfriend. I was taken to meet her parents who it turned out lived in my grandmother’s old flat and still had the same decorating up that I’d done for her.
    I was taken to meet her sister and husband who it turned out I’d met the week before through work and found to be great fun.
    We married since it seemed we were being pulled together from all sides. Best decision of my life.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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