Are You Okay?

Today we get reminded about asking our friends, our family, if they are okay. An important question we should never ignore.

Three simple words and yet they can make such a massive difference. Not just for our friends or for our family but also for strangers. People we pass by on the street, in the park, at work.

It’s okay to ask a random stranger if they are okay. Do it. Your question might make a massive difference in their life. The moment you start the conversation you open a door for them. A door through which they can go to escape the dark space they might be trapped in.

Sometimes you might not succeed to reach them. They will look at you and simply say yes. Such a short answer. An answer we often give because we don’t manage to admit that we are not okay. That we are indeed suffering. Maybe because we can’t admit it to ourselves. Maybe because we are taught, that it’s rude to talk about personal stuff with strangers, maybe even friends. Maybe because we don’t want to be weak.

Everyone is vulnerable. Everyone has a weak spot. And everyone has moments in their lives where they don’t feel good. Some handle it better than others.

I shared this before. I believe it’s only right to share it again today. Take this man as an example and follow his footsteps. Approach a stranger and ask “R U Okay?” You might save a life…

Tell me: R U Okay?





This post is today’s contribution for the Taboo Word Challenge. The word I had to avoid was β€œhe”.

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34 thoughts on “Are You Okay?

  1. We need more people like him! Thanks for sharing and encouraging us all to reach out more, for yes you never know what change you could be making in that person’s life. Have a great day!

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  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I think we all have for gotten our simple and basic etiquette in a hope that we wouldn’t seem vulnerable. But a simple Hello or a Thank you, or even as here, “Are you okay’ might as well change someones life.

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  3. I believe that there cannot be said a word too much but rather too little. What most need is someone who simply wants to understand. It is not even expected that one understands (which would be the cherry on top). But only having someone to listen can be enough. Because it says: You matter!

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  4. If you ever walk the Golden Gate Bridge, you will notice there are phones there, not for emergencies, but for intervention. I do not recall exactly what the sign said, but it was clear that they were there for those who were contemplating jumping … No we are not always fine – in fact we are rarely “fine”

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  5. “…and then listen.” That was my first thought after reading the first line of your post. Asking “are you okay?” can truly be life changing and so many people in the world need to be asked that question, but oftentimes people ask but then don’t listen to the answer. Or, they ask without sincerity so the person feels less compelled to be honest with them. We must ask. That’s so very important. Then, we must listen and be ready to help in whatever way we can. Great post. Those 3 words can change a life.

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    • I couldn’t agree more with you. It’s one of those polite questions we just ask without even thinking. This here is about thinking, about connecting, about opening up and about listening to what we are told. Told in words, gestures, body language, between the lines…

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