Am I Ugly?

We’ve all been there. We all have questioned ourselves about the way we look, the numbers on our scale, our bad hair day… What I think is shocking though is how insecure young people are. Not sure if it is because I’m kind of paying more attention to it being a mother now or if it has become worse.

What are we actually doing to ourselves? What are we doing to our children? How much pressure is too much? How much exposure is too much and how can we balance it out? How can we get control over this harsh environment our children are exposed to “thanks” to the amazing technology we have available nowadays?

I think it fits what I posted earlier about all the little things we can do. The little changes we can do. Piece by piece create a “friendlier” environment for us, for our children. Be the role model they actually need. Be kinder not only to others but to yourself as well.

I think this is the kind of superhero we all need in this world. The one that is breaking out of what is put upon us and decided that other values than beauty are important. We need to be that superhero. For ourselves and most importantly for our children. Leading by example. As Meaghan Ramsey says in her talk we need to start with highlighting other things than sizes 0 and so on. We need to change the focus from what’s on the outside back to what actually is hidden in the inside. Again it’s all about respect, values, smarts, ideologies, visions.

This superficial world has to change. Instead of looking for a superhero who will eventually appear from somewhere we need to become one.

We don’t need superpowers for being such a superhero. All we need is the confidence to change something. Change this tiny little piece in our actions. And eventually we will get there…


Please watch this powerful TED Talk and let me know what you think…

“About 10,000 people a month Google the phrase, “Am I ugly?” Meaghan Ramsey of the Dove Self-Esteem Project has a feeling that many of them are young girls. In a deeply unsettling talk, she walks us through the surprising impacts of low body and image confidence—from lower grade point averages to greater risk-taking with drugs and alcohol. And then shares the key things all of us can do to disrupt this reality.” – Source: TED


32 thoughts on “Am I Ugly?

  1. Great post and sadly I agree with you about the young people having a lower self image today. There is just sooo much pressure put on looks and everything else. Young people I feel deal with a lot more stress today. I still remember vividly years ago shopping in a store. I was in the beauty aisle getting some shampoo. There was a Mom and little girl. The girl was between 5 and 7, not older than that. The Mom picked up a box of hair dye and said to the little girl, “You need this because your hair is ugly!!”
    I about died as I heard that and watched the little girl’s expression. I wanted to march over to that Mom and throw the box of hair dye as far as I could throw and pick that little girl up in my arms giving her a huge hug, telling her she was beautiful!!

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  2. Nice post. Dont think its only women who feel unattractive. Its boys, teenage males and young adults too. I recall feeling ugly up until 16, when I overheard two girls saying I was sexy. lol.

    The issue is two-fold. `1. Its the promotion of celebrity culture and sex to young people.When I say young,I mean people under the age of 16. 2. Its the puritanical and hypocritical nature of this country. They make nudity and regular sexuality seem unnatural, but promote hypersexuality and deviancy all the time. Its confusing everyone.


  3. I think we need more parents who teach their children that there is more in this life than social media and what it expects of us, superficially. When I was growing up, we didn’t have technology constantly in our faces, but the pressures to be a certain way were definitely there. I think it takes parents who are constantly reminding and reassuring their children that they have something valuable to offer the world.

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  4. This is such an interesting post. Similar to the TeD talk my feelung is this :As amazing as social media is since it connects us all in new and exciting ways I think it is propelling our insecurities. It ia so easy to see other people looking “perfect” and seeming happy. As I get older I find myself feeling less and less secure about myself and it sucks.

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  5. I think personally as a father and as a man who loves looking at women that there is too much pressure to look like what the “status quo” sees as beautiful. We notice this especially as people of color that traditional beauty standards are too one sided for us. Women probably have the most power right now in the history of mankind but yet many of these ladies fall victim to trying to look like their friends or fav celebrities when in actuality “ain’t nothing wrong with them” How can so many ladies have low self esteem? This bragging/ Instagram/ pintrest/ culture is not helping ladies. The animosity, the jealousy, the cattiness/ is what kills me as a man.

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  6. The world of selfies and all the nice status only on fb perpetuate the one upmanship and low self image….it’s not healthy. As parents we need to guide the kids to weed out the negative. Always a work in progress!

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  7. I can’t recall ever having thought that I was ugly. I’ve always just thought I was unworthy for a lot of other reasons and sometimes for no reason. As a mother of two daughters, I am appreciative of the idea, let alone the work, of the Dove Self-Esteem Project

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