My Picks Of The Week #37

Hey you all, I hope you had an inspiring week, full of laughter and if there were obstacles you managed to overcome them with ease. Here’s my little list of posts I enjoyed reading a lot this week. I hope you head over and pay the blogs a visit. They for sure deserve it.

Have a fantastic and happy weekend you all πŸ™‚

Dream Big, Dream Often
About what happens after we die…

John Pavlovitz
About feelings of a parent… and about living

About definition of gender…

Anything, Everything, All Things That Make Life…
About things eating you up…

The Lonely Author
About imperfections…

A Thomas Point Of View
About white people…

Inking Out Loud
About being saved by the girl…

About a letter to her teacher…

Coach Daddy
About matches we’d like to make (and his fantastic 6 word challenge)…

About the paradox of consciousness…




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