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As we have reached the date which is in everyone’s mind today in Australia, I’d like to share some thoughts.

15 years. It’s been 15 years. And still I remember everything.

We all know where we were, what we did. We all remember watching in disbelief.

I remember hearing in the news about the first plane hitting the tower. Like everyone else I thought of a very tragic accident.

Then I watched as the second plane approached and hit. I was safe. In Switzerland. But I knew I was no longer as safe as I was before. I would never be again. The world had changed. Terrorism had changed.

I remember how I felt. I actually feel it again. The fear, the shock, the sadness, the nausea, the stress, the disbelief, the panic. The tears, the bitterness.

And I think that’s what made this event the massive one it still is, witnessing it rather than only hear it in the news later. It hit the core, our feeling of security, of freedom of safety. Of being able to move freely.

Traveling was always good thing.

Now it was turned into a weapon.

Every time I see a picture of NYC I think about the World Trade Centers and where they are supposed to be. Like two good teeth they were ripped out with force. And with them many lives were destroyed. So many.

Today I think of 9/11, the impact it had on every single one of us and of course of the many, many victims. And their families and friends who have to live with this incredible loss every day.

I also think of all the heroes who tried to do their best to safe as many lives as possible. Still do today.

May we never have to experience anything similar ever again.



This post is today’s contribution for the Taboo Word Challenge. I’m catching up here… The words I had to avoid was “on” and “not”.

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27 thoughts on “9/11

  1. Wow. This happened when I was in high school and we were all watching it on TV shocked. The whole week we sat in classes watching it on TV and troops being sent overseas. We were all scared there was going to be another draft.

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  2. I used to take the PATH train from Jersey City to WFC. And ever time, without fail, when I walked out onto the street I would look up in awe at the towers. I recall going back to see the site during the cleanup and feeling there was now a hole in the sky …

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  3. It was a tough day for me and, since I was in management at the time, it marked the first time we really had in depth discussions with corporate over security and additional training for terrorist situations.

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  4. Interesting to hear the perspective of someone living in another Country. But you are right, it affected the whole world. I know we felt other countries support us here in the US, for yes terrorism didn’t just strike our soil, it affected a much more broader range.

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    • Here is what I think: The US has always been the one Nation to look up to. They have always been the kind of superhero, stepping in when things got heated up. At least for me. Seeing you guys been hit like this was just so shocking. Really just like Superman being injured, you know. Hard to explain… In a way I always thought nothing would ever happen to the USA. At least nothing major. And then boom. It did. It was huge. Your planes, buildings in the one city that stands for so many things. More planes… Then the realization that nothing is safe anymore. Your flag stands for freedom. And that freedom got attacked. Everyone’s freedom got attacked. This terrorism attack was meant to affect the entire world and they chose well… sadly.

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      • Too many to count. I think the most horrid part of it all is the conspiracy theories that have sprung up. As if the event itself wasn’t ground shaking enough…

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      • Yes, Emma, horrid indeed but contemplate for a moment what sort of world we would be living in if just a part of the conspiracy theories is true. Every conspiracy theory, no matter how bizarre, has to have “golden thread of truth” or it would never be accepted as plausible by anyone. The purpose of terrorism is not only to frighten but also to confuse and It looks like they are two for two on that score.

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  5. I remember dismissing my freshman orientation class in University (when I had gone back to get my master’s degree). I remember watching it on the news and talking to the first year students in my dorm and we were all pretty much in shock and disbelief.

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  6. I remember being in my 7th grade math class. We were all watching it happen on the TV. It was such a shock. The rest of the school day was very somber.

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