About Being Lucky In Life

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It’s already been a week since we celebrated Father’s Day here in Australia. I was tossing some ideas for a post about my father around over the last couple of days but it never really came together. So I decided to skip writing about my Dad and Father’s Day.  Until today. Until I had a little comment exchange with Danny on one of his Question Of The Day posts and read one of his other amazing posts (aren’t they all amazing…) in the aftermath about being fortunate in life.

See, my Dad was often seen as extremely fortunate. His life story almost reads like a book. In short: He grew up being very poor. So poor that they sometimes had nothing to eat. Then, by the famous coincidence, he met the right person at the right time and place and he made a fortune out of it. A lot of people just see a coincidence like this as the one trigger for a good life afterwards.

What my Dad’s life story has taught me though is, that it needs so much more than just that one chance.

Chances present themselves to us all the time. Sometimes the time has to be right for us to see them otherwise we don’t, sometimes they scare whatever you want out of us. Sometimes we simply never see them.

It will only come together and work out if all the pieces fall in place. First you have to be willing to see your chances. Then they of course need to present themselves. And then you need to grab them and do. You need to put hard work into it in order to make it happen. It’s what my Dad did. Always did and so many never really saw this as a fact.

The chance that was presented to him was also presented to others. But he was the only one taking the risk and believing in the chance that something can be made out of it. And he did. It was a huge risk. It could have gone wrong. He could have never gotten the appreciation for taking that risk he got. But he did. And he kept building on it. One step at a time. One piece at a time. Always believing in himself and in this chance.

Nothing works on its own.

You need to build it up and then maintain it. And that needs work, determination, another round of lucky coincidences and then again work, work, work.

My Dad was a smart person. And he was a do-er. He never left anything undone. He never won in the actual lottery but he won so much in his life. Things don’t come cheap. It’s true. They need a lot of input and it’s what’s keeping the balance I believe.

Input = Output or so.

My Dad was successful. But he always stayed true to himself. He was a great role model and he has taught me an abundance of things. He taught me about keeping my eyes open for the chances that are out there. He taught me about taking my chances and then working hard to make them work. He taught me about the fact that you need to keep working on them.

He has also taught me that you should never forget where you came from. Never treat anyone bad. Never lose touch. And the best lesson ever:

Luxury has nothing to do with money…

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This post is today’s contribution for the Taboo Word Challenge. The word I had to avoid was “not”.

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21 thoughts on “About Being Lucky In Life

  1. I believe too that chances open up to us when we are open to chances! We cannot sit and wait and expect all things fall into place. We need to bring things in motion and set impulses and then….. be open minded and grab the chances!

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  2. Good luck does not just happen, we create it. And as you’ve shared your father’s story here, he was an example of this theory. In honor of the many Father’s Days you shared with him, I hope you had a good day filled with happy memories.

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  3. Luck favors the prepared. You can get lucky once. But if you know what do it with it, you’ll keep getting lucky. After that, it’s not luck anymore 🙂 I’ve had so many ideas for posts that just didn’t come together in time. So I let them stew for a bit and sooner or later something will happen to trigger writing the rest of it. Excellent post on risk taking and pay offs 😀

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  4. Great story. There was a book by the late columnist and News anchor named Tim Russert, and he wrote this book called “Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons.” And your story about your father should of definitely made it to that book. Your story also reminds me of how undervalued us fathers are in society.

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  5. Your dad was a wise man! Chance, luck, when the stars are aligned at the right time and the right place along with hard work and determination need to happen. But the first step really has to be taken first!
    What’s amazing is such a long post and without “not”. Impressive! 😀

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