20 thoughts on “Would You Want to Know?

  1. Cheating requires a lot of things, lying, hiding, etc… If my husband wanted to go through all of that to have sex with someone else, then he’s clearly not happy at home. I’d want to know why he’s not happy at home. If he’s in love with another woman, then off he goes with my blessings because I’m not going to “fight” for someone who doesn’t want to stay with me. If he’s just bored or whatever, we can work with that because sex is not the be all or end all of a relationship. I’d be pissed about the lying and sneaking though.

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  2. It would be awful to know for sure, but it seems that not knowing would be worse. Not knowing leaves you wondering if you’re just imagining things, if you’re just being ornery and jealous, and the negative thoughts would just spin out of control from there.

    Of course, knowing creates a whole new group of negative thoughts and hurt feelings. But it still seems like it would be better to know, especially from a health perspective.

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    • Not knowing has a lot to do with your partner lying and hiding things and playing a game. For me personally that would be much worse than the sexual side to it. I could deal with that but not with the lying. Sex is sex and if it’s just about that then so be it. But if I’m not worth being honest then that is massive.


  3. Yes! Immediately. What happened from there would remain to be seen. The sex isn’t what would bother me the most. The deception would be. The longer that deception went on, the worse it’d be.

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  5. Yes, I most certainly would. If he told me, then maybe there would be a chance at reconciliation, although I *highly* doubt it because I firmly believe that a cheater will always be a cheater. But, if I found out through a different source then there would be no hope at all.

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