11 thoughts on “Nothing Is Impossible

  1. A friend of mine from high school lost the lower half of his leg in Afghanistan a few years ago. He never let it stop him. Instead, he went on to participate in multiple Triathlons and various other races and events. He also works now with fellow amputees on their road to recovery, teaching them disability or not, they can be successful and live a bright and happy, fulfilling life. Our true disability is only the one which we place on ourselves. We don’t have to be held back from life if we don’t want to be.

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  2. I was lucky enough to be a part of a National Award winning documentary in India called Goonga Pehelwan. Some of my best friends researched for over a year to bring to light a deaf and mute wrestler who wanted to compete here. Alas, our government decided to be deaf and mute towards this champion. His dream and conviction hasn’t yet died. We have so much to learn from them – they truly define sportsmanship and spirit of the games.

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  3. I saw a couple panhandling near a freeway overpass. A young man in his early twenties, a girl about the same age and a large shepherd type dog. The young man and the dog were sitting in the shade while the girl held a sign saying, “need help. Will work for food. God Bless.” The convenience store on that corner, where the couple probably went for water or to use the rest room, had a large sign in the window, “Help Wanted.” Color me heartless but considering that the local homeless shelters all offer beds, showers and free clothing and that the state unemployment service has an outreach to the homeless it’s sometimes difficult to work up sympathy for folks that seem to have given up on themselves. I am truly at a loss for how to act when empathy and pragmatism are battling it out in my head.

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