Where Am I Heading? 10 Questions For Direction


The following post was triggered by a post from Coach Daddy. It was initially inspired by Brianna Wiest and a post she wrote for Elephant Journal.Eli’s post really made me think about how important it is to analyze where you are in your life every now and then and also consider where you want to go next.

Just like Coach Daddy I wanted to answer the 10 questions honestly and also challenge you to do the same. In a post or just for yourself. It’s up to you.

1. If you had the life you think you want, what would tomorrow be like?
I think it might not be very different to the life I’m living now. I feel like there’s pretty much everything in my life, I could possibly wish for. I would want to grow further into the person I want to be, finding that balance and manifest it deeper. Being the rock I want to be. Solid, standing strong. For myself and for the people in my life that matter the most.

2. If social media didn’t exist, what would you do differently?
I would not blog. I would definitely miss it. With some people I would probably be talking more on the phone or email more often than I do now as we cover a lot over social media “conversations”. I would lose touch with some people but I would most likely not feel bad about it. Otherwise not much would change. I don’t spend a lot of time on social media. The blog takes up most of the time I spend online. Maybe I would write on a book or start writing a column somewhere… not really sure…

Image result for meme no social media

I don’t feel like I get influenced a lot about what’s going on on social media. If it wouldn’t exist it would for sure take a lot of pressure off of my children and the way they have to deal with things. Life before social media has been very different and we all know that. So I guess for us older bloggers the idea of not having social media is not scary at all. We have been there already and we have survived. Sometimes I wish it could go back to those days. For my children.

3. If nobody would know what you did with the rest of your life, what would you do?
Maybe I would travel with my family to all the places I always wanted to go to. I would spend even more time having fun with them. I would write and if I’d become a famous author I would keep it under a different name. I would most probably try to do talks as well. I would love that…

4. If you died yesterday, what would you most regret?
It might sound weird but today I feel like there wouldn’t be any regrets. Although I try to focus hard on answering these questions I have stopped and played with my daughter before. We just hugged for a little eternity and she showed me some of her dances they are doing at their recital in a couple of weeks. We talked and giggled. My son was out with my husband and just returned happy as well. Right now I feel everything is good. But hey, the day is not over yet.

I think we need to address our life with an “always try hard to do your very best, to do as well as you can, to put your all into it” attitude. Even if we don’t manage to reach what we would love to reach we can never accuse ourselves of not trying. It’s what we teach our children too. We want them to know that as long as they always give their very best they can be proud of themselves. Only if they can’t truly say that they invested themselves to the fullest they need to reassess things. It’s one of our general approach to life and its many layers.

The one thing I think I could invested myself more than done lately are my fully edited novels. I should finally sit down and format and publish them. I’m not sure why I’m not doing it. Maybe I should take this as a little hint to get going…

5. If you could choose five things that matter most to you, what would they be?
The very first thing coming to my mind is of course my family. My husband and my children. They are  the one and only thing that truly matters to me. Their health, their happiness, their well being.

Then I honestly say that I matter to me too. I think we should all consider ourselves as well. How can we give our best if we don’t mean anything to and don’t take care of ourselves? I admit that I’m not taking care of myself as well as I should and I need to get back to that. So a healthy lifestyle would totally be part of it. In short, my health, my happiness, my well being.

The environment matters to me! I want to do my best to protect the environment so I can leave back a world my children are happy to live in and their children too.

Kindness, compassion and respect matters to me. To and for others but also for myself.

Teaching my children the right values is one of the most important things to me. It’s what makes me reassess my actions on a daily base. Am I doing enough, am I sending the right signals, am I living my life right, am I showing them the right things? And so on…

6. To what in your life do you feel a subtle, unexplainable “nudge”?
Reaching people. Through my writing, through the things I want to say, through a story. And even only through a smile.

And the ocean. Can’t explain it but it’s there…


7. If you knew nobody would judge you, what would you do with your days?
Maybe I would spend one day in bed and eat whatever I want to eat… no cleaning, no washing no household chores at all… and then get to do it the next day and judge myself for eating all the garbage the next day 😉

I believe that we are our hardest judges. What truly only matters is how we see ourselves and the life we live, the things that are important to us. Everything coming from the outside should remain on the outside. The only moment that a judgment of someone from the outside gets to me is if I’m insecure with what I do. So I need to reassess if I’m just questioning it to then be able to move on because I know it’s the right thing to do for us (like with homeschooling), if I question it because I feel I’m doing something wrong, or if it’s something that has been put inside my head while growing up and keeps coming back to me to throw me off because it’s never been about me.

I find that we often struggle with things that are not necessarily bad for us or an issue for us personally but we were taught that it’s not right over years and we need to slowly grow out of it. So often we get programmed to live or fulfill someone else’s dream, follow someone else’s path instead of our own. I know that there are issues like this I need to address and they do throw me off every now and then. Although it got better I need to still work on them so I can live my life the way I truly want to and not judge myself for something I would never judge anyone else for…

Image result for images struggle

8. What are you struggling with the most right now?
I believe I just gave you that answer above 😉

9. What is already going for you at this present moment?
I definitely came a long way already in regards to growing into the person I want to be but it’s still a work in progress and who knows if I will ever get there. I know much better what I want in my life and therefor I don’t “sell myself out” any longer.

Image result for gif I'm amazing

Well… yes… I guess…

10. If you would be pushed into living tomorrow on repeat for the rest of your life, what would you do?
Is it boring if I say the same thing I’m doing most of my days? I would make sure that I spend time with my family, that we would play and do a hike together and spend time doing things we like to do. As the day would constantly repeat itself I think we could simply cut out the annoying things. So my family and I should make plans  and a decision on what we’d like to do over and over again (my son would probably say playing Minecraft and my daughter would add playing soccer to the day…). What we all would agree on is the time we would want to spend together.

I would work out, go outside and write. I would bake and cook our favorite things. I would read.

Hang on.. a thought is just crossing my mind:

I wonder though, if the things we choose now would still feel the same to us if experienced on repeat. Although they are the things we love so much and enjoy so much. I guess at one point they would just become annoying because we would not have changes. We would not miss them and wait for them anymore. They would no longer be special. So I wonder if there is a way to pick something that you get on repeat that would still change and not get boring…

Image result for quote life on repeat

The more I think about this question the more I think I wouldn’t like a day on repeat…

It’s not really who I am. In the beginning it would seem like fun but very soon it would tear you down. What you loved would become a burden. And how would we be able to evolve? How can we keep growing? By doing everything over and over again? I don’t think so.

You would stand still. You couldn’t grow, you wouldn’t evolve, you couldn’t move forward and you would become dulled… Thinking about it the color grey suddenly pops in my mind and it takes me back to question 4 and the things I would regret the most… living a grey live would most likely be one of the things on that list.

Which brings me to one of my favorite quotes and the way I’d like to end that post. It’s the way I want to keep approaching my life:


Image result for quotes keep moving forward


This post is also today’s contribution for the Taboo Word Challenge. The word to avoid was “have”.


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13 thoughts on “Where Am I Heading? 10 Questions For Direction

  1. “Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life” – Wow….that feels like exactly what I’ve been doing for several years now. Granted there are small changes here and there, but overall it’s the same thing day after day, year after year. That quote motivates me even more to go after my goals. I want my life to have more depth. Oh, and if I could live the life I think that I want to live, then I’d be across the world right now traveling and taking in all that there is to see. I wouldn’t go alone though. Each trip I would invite different family members to come along, for quality time and so that they could experience it too. (Okay, I really do need to write a post soon, so that I stop writing mini-books on yours. haha)

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