Question of the Day – 9/15/16

I answered this question already on the day it was posted but I kept thinking about it since then. Before I share more thoughts about it here is the answer I gave:

“I don’t waste time… At least I don’t consider the time being wasted… maybe others would. Some might say I waste time blogging. Some might say I waste time cleaning. Some might say I waste time homeschooling the kids, some might say I waste time going on walks with the dogs. It’s not wasted time for me. It all has its purpose.”

There are so many things that we label as a waste of time but for the person doing it it might actually be exactly what’s needed. Even binge watching a TV show.

Time is only wasted if you do something you really dislike doing. When I look back to the things I consider a waste of my time then they are most likely things I really didn’t like doing. Things that didn’t give me a good feeling, didn’t make me satisfied. Things that didn’t make me happy. It’s spending time with the wrong people doing the wrong things that I consider a waste of time. Like investing time in trying to please everyone. Or trying to fulfill expectations others have in you…

What are your thoughts?

Dream Big, Dream Often


Question of the Day:

What do you waste the most time doing each week?    

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32 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 9/15/16

  1. I have actually wasted time online. I go online to do specific things but other things draw my attention (mostly out of habit more than enjoyment, like doing a morning routine…) and bam! I forget what I came online for and time’s gone. Wasted because we’re only allotted 24 hours each day and we don’t get that time back. So, even though I sometimes enjoy whatever it was I was doing online, I think it was wasted because it directed my attention from what I *meant* to do, which would have been (I think) more useful to me in the end. If that makes sense.

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  2. Now that you put it that way, maybe I’m not wasting time. or am I?
    I feel that I waste time because I spend a lot of time in front of the computer when I know I have more important things to do. I end up reading other people’s blogs or find good articles but I feel that they feed my mind and before I know it it’s been several hours and it cuts on my productivity. I’m supposed to use that time for school or do something more productive on the little time that I have off.
    But like you said, if it make me happy, hey!


    ❤ BP

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    • Maybe frustrated people? Don’t know… I think we often label things as a waste of time as they are not what is been seen as “productive” and yet they are if we break it down. If we need a break from a busy work week and binge watching a TV show gives us this break then it’s not a waste of time. If the weather is great outside and I head out to enjoy the weather and get some vitamin D in my system, have fun, fresh air and so on instead of cleaning the house, it’s also not really a waste of time. I think it’s how we see what we do rather than what we do that matters.

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    • Once they made me wait for over an hour past my scheduled appointment. It was for a vaccine. When I finally saw the doctor he told me that they didn’t have the vaccine… and they wanted to charge me for the 2 minutes it took him to inform me about it. I told them very firmly that I will walk out now without paying my bill. I told them that I should charge them. I had made that appointment specifically for that vaccine. When they called to remind me of my appointment the vaccine was mentioned again so they clearly had it on file. Then they make me wait for nothing. I never had to pay for that appointment. I had one more afterwards. Then I changed GP. Never ever had to wait for more than 5 min past my scheduled time since I’ve changed.


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