Share Your World – 2016: Week 38


Well, look at that, it’s that time of the week again: Cee’s Share Your World Challenge time :-)! It actually makes me happy to see this specific post pop up and I’m always wondering what kind of questions she came up with this time as they’re always really good. This week though they are so much down my alley.

If you have not checked out the Share Your World Challenge yet, please head over to Cee’s blog and do so. It is truly worth it. And it’s not the only challenge she is offering. In fact I believe there is something for everyone on her blog…

Are you a hugger or a non-hugger?
I can say from the bottom of my heart I am a hugger. I admit it. I love hugs. I love receiving hugs and giving hugs. Hugs are the greatest things ever. They just make you feel good. No matter if you are sad, tired, exhausted, annoyed, angry, frustrated, numb, shocked… or just your normal self: Hugs are always a good thing. Even a hug from a stranger is a good thing.

Did you know: Hugs are actually pretty healthy? The hormones that are released throughout our body after a hug aren’t just good for happy feelings — they can also help your physical health. When someone touches you, the sensation on your skin activates pressure receptors called Pacinian corpuscles, which then send signals to the vagus nerve, an area of the brain which is responsible for (among many things) lowering blood pressure (NPR reported).

But this is not it yet: When we embrace, we immediately reduce the amount of the stress hormone cortisol produced. Hugs also make our bodies release tension and send calming messages to the brain.

According to another study a hug can be good medicine for warming your heart too: In an experiment at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill , participants who didn’t have any contact with their partners developed a quickened heart rate of 10 beats per minute compared to the five beats per minute among those who got to hug their partners during the experiment.

As studies have also shown loneliness, particularly with age, can also increase stress and have averse health effects. By hugging someone, we instantly feel closer to the person and decrease feelings of loneliness.

So really, everything speaks for hugging, right?

Now I have one thing I try to go by when I hug: I always want to be the last one to let go. But I have friends who seem to be thinking the same thing and every now and then it gets really funny as we keep standing there hugging…

With adults it’s a good little motto to go by but with kids I really try to stick to it. A child needs hugs. They need to feel loved and safe and a hug gives them this very feeling. Years back I saw a meme on FB and it stuck to me (glad I found it today to share here but I’m sure you all have seen it before). It says it all.

Now going back to hugging adults and not letting go until the other person does: I believe we are not so different to kids. So therefor, for me, this little “rule” applies to all, kids and grown ups.

Image result for image when you are hugging a child always be the last one to let go


What is your least favorite Candy?
Easy: Everything with liquorice… I really don’t like liquorice. Not at all. Never have and never will… It’s not just the taste it’s the smell of it too…

Image result for gif disgust


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “fun”?
The beach. And then a hike. My kids. All of it together is the perfect combination: A hike to a beach with my family.

And Universal Studios. Yep, they are fun too…

Traveling. Not the security checks and wrestling our luggage but the rest of it is fun. Making memories is fun.


And the gifs on “Ah Dad…” are fun…

List of Favorite Smells: What smells do you love? Whether it’s vanilla scented candles or the smell of coffee in the morning or the smell of a fresh spring rain…make a list of all the things you love for a little aromatherapy.

  • A newborns head
  • My children (yes, I still like to smell them… not sure for how much longer…)
  • Coffee
  • Homemade cooking
  • Fresh bread
  • A cake right out of the oven
  • Horses
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Freshly cut lawn

    Please note that with the following list I like all their different smells in the different seasons as I believe it definitely smells differently over spring, summer, fall and winter:

  • Forest
  • All kind of different flowers, herbs, plants
  • Lavender
  • Lemongrass
  • Sandalwood
  • Soil
  • Leaves
  • Grass
  • River
  • Bark of a tree
  • The fresh, crisp morning air on a fall day
  • The early morning of a summer day
  • The chilly air of a winter morning
  • The bouquet of a spring day
  • A fall day
  • A summer day
  • A winder day
  • The ocean
  • The salty air on a windy day while walking along the beach
  • The sand on the beach

I love smelling the air and it’s something I make my children do. Smell the air and describe to me what they smell. Not because I “had to” do it as a child. But I simply just did it because I spent so much time outside on my horse, hiking, skiing and playing all through the year. I picked up how much different all those different kind of soils smell, how different soil smells when it’s damp to when it’s soaked or dry. I want my children to develop it too. It’s just my way of making them “look up and smell the roses” rather than only being focused on their devices.


Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 
I had some great conversations with fantastic people last week and it’s always something that stimulates me. I also shared in ‘Tell Me Something Good‘ how much it made me happy to see my daughter’s soccer team end the season with the win of a tournament. I’m grateful for seeing girls who support each other and are true friends. I’m also grateful for the amazing group of parents. This team feels like family, which is something I appreciate. It could have been so very different.

In general I’m grateful for my family and for my friends.

We’ve reached our spring school holidays now and have planned to do some day trips and hikes if the weather plays along. It was supposed to be a rainy day today but it turned out to be a beautiful day and so we took the kids and their friends to our favorite Wildlife Park. I’m looking forward to do more of that over the rest of the week and next week.



041514 sywbanner


This post is also today’s contribution for the Taboo Word Challenge. The words to avoid were “that” and “in” as I have skipped the challenge yesterday.


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10 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2016: Week 38

  1. Way to double challenge yourself today! I didn’t know if I would get a post in today, which I eventually did, but I wondered what I should do if I happen to miss a day since I will be out of town for all of next week. Perhaps I’ll do a giant challenge before I leave of all the remaining taboo words. 😉

    Oh hugs, how I wish I loved them.

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    • Oh wow! That would be very challenging and for sure fantastic to read… I would probably post a picture instead of writing and claim that I managed to not use the remaining words at all 😉

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