Question of the Day – 9/22/16

Danny poses many great questions in his Question of the Day feature. This one once more started a big thought process in me.

My response: Most definitely. Otherwise you lose yourself in the goals of someone else.

I strongly believe this. If we don’t have goals we will be pulled into someone else’s “river”, a “river” we are not supposed to be in. The currents in that river will drain our energy and eventually we will end up being a shade of ourselves.

So set your eyes on a goal, chase it, invest yourself and keep swimming in your river instead of someone else’s…

Dream Big, Dream Often


Question of the Day:

Is it important to have goals?  

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8 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 9/22/16

  1. I love your last line. ” Keep swimming in your own fiver, instead of someone else’s ” !
    I am awake in the middle of the night again, so lovely! Apparently being awake like this makes me in a sarcastic mood, LOL! You may want to check out the very last comment in the Dewey story. I know I am in deep, but I just had to. Feel free to “like” it, 🙂

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