Where Will History Have You Seated?: The Current Racial Situation in the U.S.

I couldn’t agree more with Danny. It’s time we read up on facts and we take a stand. I especially like this part:

“So what am I suppose to do? What is a middle-class, white dude from Charlotte, NC suppose to do? I am suppose to stand up for what is right. I am suppose to stand on the side of justice. I expect of myself to speak out. I might not be black, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look with my eyes and see something isn’t right.”

Just consider how it would feel if we would turn it around. How you would feel if you would be treated the way people are treated. Consider not having what you think is normal. Ask yourself where the sense in it is. There is none.

The time is right for change. We are change. Every single one of us. Stop accepting the old way. Stand up for the right way. You don’t have to march. You don’t have to go nuts. Just do the right think on a daily base, step by step…

Dream Big, Dream Often

Race is not a difficult topic for me to talk about, but for some it is.

Some people simply don’t like people who are different-period.  I don’t understand this type of thinking, but it exists and I usually avoid these people at all costs.

There is one difficulty for me in trying to understand racism: you cannot understand what it is to be black in America unless you are black in America.  Modern racism in America is subtle.  I know this because I have had many conversations with friends of mine who experience it on a daily basis.


Selma, Ala 1965

I still think it is important for us to ask questions.  Is it possible that there are failures in our system?  Is it possible that there are laws which more heavily penalize people of color? Is it possible that a system failure has occurred which has resulted in our…

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14 thoughts on “Where Will History Have You Seated?: The Current Racial Situation in the U.S.

  1. This whole situation is not letting me go for days and I wrote my next Monday post about it. I also asked myself why it was that the white people started to dominate the black people. Why didn’t it turn out the other way around? Why not white slaves? Have the black skinned people just the more peaceful genes? I don’t know, but those questions are racing through my head for quite some time.

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  2. I was reading your back-and-forth with Ericka and was thinking that you Americans have the white vs black issue, and here in Canada, perhaps less talked about, but none-the-less present is the white vs first-nations issue. So maybe at some level at least, Erika is on to something, and someone should be looking into our “white” genes. Gotta try something different, whatever we have been trying sure doesn’t seem to be working. As much as I find it distasteful to agree with the man on anything (except that you guys really shouldn’t elect a warmonger like Clinton) I find Donald Trump is completely correct on at least one other thing…it’s time for a change.

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  3. As a Jewish American of German heritage who is currently reading “Night” by Elie Wiesel and just finished reading a biography of Charles Lindbergh, who was an anti-Semite based solely on the political beliefs and opinions of those around him, as far as I can tell, I have often felt empathy with African Americans who may be viewed with mistrust on the basis of skin color alone. On that basis, I try sometimes to put myself in their shoes, though I am not sure that they have ever tried to put themselves in mine. Skin color should be no more of a basis for evaluation of an individual than their faith or religious heritage should be. It’s frightening to think that in this day and age, that kind of thinking and behavior continues, and in fact has been expanded to include Muslims, who on that basis alone, at least in the West, should have more in common with Jews than not.

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    • I know! It’s what gets me all the time! Did we really not learn anything from the past? Did we really not move forward? Are we not willing to see that what is happening has happened before and we all think it was wrong and yet we do it again?


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