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Often bloggers will say to me “how do I connect with other bloggers?” It is as simple as one and one make two to me, but I also think their question isn’t necessarily honest. What most bloggers are really asking is “how do I grow my blog quickly and with the minimal amount of work? How do I get my blog as large as yours… now?”

My answer is really simple and that is I don’t know how. I have no idea how to make your blog go viral or how to get massive amounts of bloggers to come find you without effort. There is always effort and I make it each day. I work for each new subscriber and each new view, and that is how you grow your blog. If you are looking for shortcuts ask someone else. I have none, at least not the type these bloggers…

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19 thoughts on “Online Connections & Networking

  1. well one sure fire way is to follow other blogs and leave honest sincere topic related comments , and if you can’t think of anything to say… hit the like button , either way it puts your name and blog url onto the persons blog … sooner or later someone will get curious, check out your blog, maybe follow you, or refer your blog to a friend who can relate to what you are writing .

    short cut… go annoy the hell out of OM .. he will make ya famous lol

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  2. Some obviously has to do with content. I was surprised when I blogged about my abuse as a child how it went viral. I got the most responses ever from that. It wasn’t deliberate, just timely. So if your content is relate-able it will eventually get noticed.

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