Your Handwriting

Handwriting can reveal a lot about someone’s personality and I find it another tiny downside of the fact that we are moving away from handwritten letters more and more. On one side our kids will most likely not develop their handwriting to the point we have. On the other side you won’t get the secret hints about a personality given by the way some letters are written while reading a handwritten letter.

Lately I found this fun quiz about what handwriting can reveal about you and figured I might just give it a go. Here is my result:

You Got: Organized

You’re organized, from your workplace to your life. People think you have it all figured out, and honestly you just might. You love a good routine, you’re never late, and you love a good dinner party (as long as you’re in charge of throwing it).



23 thoughts on “Your Handwriting

  1. Back in my youth, when people still wrote with fountain pens — okay, maybe there weren’t that many of us still using fountain pens, but I preferred them to the ballpoint variety — I had very nice, legible handwriting. People commented on it frequently, and I was often asked to letter certificates and things like that because people really liked my writing. Sadly, with age (not to mention the advent of word processing software), my handwriting has deteriorated to the point where sometimes I can hardly read it myself. Sigh…

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  2. I got: Confident
    “You’re a confident go-getter. You’re logical, practical, and you always follow your brain. You have no patience for wishy washy people who can’t make up their minds. You know what you want in life and you’ll stop at nothing to achieve your dreams and goals.” That’s true when (1) I know what my dreams and goals are and (2) I’m not too lazy to actually pursue them. I generally know what I want in life now, though I’m not sure that was always the case, or that I knew how to pursue it when it was, or that I am or was always confident enough in the pursuit to really be described as a go-getter. The other stuff is all totally true, though. Pretty amazing and interesting, too.

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