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I love it when bloggers share their love stories. Tell it in their words. There is always something fascinating in how people meet, how life brings leads us to each other when the time is right, when our hearts are open. Thank you so much Lifeinperspectiveweb for sharing your story today. Sometimes the ride is smooth, sometimes it feels rocky. In the end it’s what we make of it and how we come out on the other side.

If you would like to share how you met your partner then please email your story to me. I’m more than happy to share it here 🙂

Kinda weird how it happened cause I had just got out of a serious 3 1/2 relationship and I was no where ready to be in another relationship, it was like a 3 month span,lol.

My friend had suggested I meet the janitor at her church. I was like you’re nuts, I’m just 21 and want to go out and party with friends and live freely, lol and meet a guy later down the road right?


So, I said fine I’ll come to the church and meet this mysterious man. I went in jeans, riding boots, and carhartt  jacket I didn’t care what I looked like, I’m a cowgirl so if you don’t like it then oh well no bother, I was just getting over a cold or something anyways.

That was our first meeting, next it was my friend plotted us to go to her puppet performance in Tinley Park, he would pick me up, and her daughter. He had a pick-up truck and I was like no way am I sitting in the middle, lol. Yep, ended up in the middle and went to the puppet show, and my friend, her husband, and daughter abandoned us alone, making me ride with him home alone.

I was like great FANTASIC!

At first I wasn’t down to going cause I had to work a 12 hour day the next day at the barn and we wouldn’t be back to my parent’s by 1am. My friend said aren’t you an adult you can make that amount of sleep. HAHA!! Yeah taking care of 24 horses, and cleaning 24 stalls.

Anyways, I made it the 12 hours, when my then boyfriend called me with 4 scoops of grain in my hand for 4 different horses, and I had already told him the night before I was busy all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday.

Men don’t listen.

So we go on an official real date downtown Chicago to Rainforest CafĂ©. Neither one of us are city people so we didn’t quite fit in, lol. On the way home he got a speeding ticket before taking me home. That was in April, then dated from on out.

Christmas 2008 he asked me to marry him, 9 months yall he proposed.

I said yes of course, and were married 6 months after that, yes very quick but not a shot gun wedding, lol. Married in June, took our honeymoon then back to reality life of going back to work and doing house chores. FUN!!! We went on a mission trip to Tunica, MS in 2010.

I desperately wanted a baby and in 2011 we tried, and by March 2012 I was pregnant with our first and only child. Our son was born late November weighing in at 9 lb 3 oz 22 1/2 inches long. Since then I had PPD and other crazy mental health issues, along with people telling me how to dress and feed my child I was so sick!

We lived with my in laws for a few months due to my medical problems in 2014, that was horrible! Anyways here we are married 7 years with our beautiful loving son (and only lol) I hope for many more years to come, but right now we’re on a rocky boat.


One thought on “Your Stories – The Janitor! By Lifeinperspectiveweb

  1. Hang in there, on your rocky boat, its called the seven year itch… 🙂 I have had one or two itches but they got scratched and we are still here together and have been married 41 yrs 🙂 Love and Blessings to you and yours x Sue

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