A Little Bit Of Sunshine…


… just entered my home. Not only through the open windows or the through the smiles, hugs, kisses and sparkling eyes of our children but also thanks to Curlygirlabroad who has nominated me for yet another Sunshine Blogger Award.Thank you so so much, for lighting up my day, my dear blogging friend!

For those of you who don’t know this curly girl abroad yet, here is a very brief description:

“Where should I start? I’m a Belgian, born and raised. 22 years old. Ever since I was born, my parents took me on their travels across Europe. Travelling taught me a lot as a kid from spending weeks abroad, camping, to finding my way around in foreign cities. I’ve always loved it. I adore exploring new places, far or nearby, getting to know new cultures. I like a mix between culture and nature.”

Of course there is much more to her and you should really head over and check out her blog. It’s sure worth it.

Let’s get to it, shall we:

About Sunshine Blogger Award

This award is given by a blogger to other bloggers who are an inspiration in the blogging domain. If the award nominees accept the award, they have to answer 11 questions before nominating other bloggers and designing questions for their nominees.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you. Done
  2. Answer the questions from your nominator. Going to…
  3. Nominate fellow bloggers you follow. Okidoki…
  4. Give them 10 questions to answer. What now? 10 or 11? Ah, I’ll figure it out…


Here are the questions I was asked:

  1. Do you consider yourself fashionable?

    Image result for meme fashion sense
    Nope. Actually I consider myself always at least one step behind the newest fashion trend. At least one step. The good thing is that jeans and yoga pants, black T-shirts and runners always seem to be kind of in fashion, so I might get away with it 😉

  2. Share your favorite post, and tell us why it is your favorite one.
    That’s a hard one… This one about my favorite childhood memories might be one of them. Or the one that touched my expat side about leaving things behind. And then of course the post about believing. Believing in the magic. Don’t stop, okay?! And how could I not mention my “letters” to my children, my son and my little girl? To be honest though, all the post I write mean a lot to me. They come from deep inside, share my feelings, my thoughts, my hopes and my fears. They all mean a lot to me.
  3. Do you like/need routine?
    I do like a certain routine but then on the other side it’s also good to break out of it.
  4. What kind of blogs do you like to read the most?
    Tricky one… Blogs that make me think, teach me something, make me laugh and are written by bloggers who like to connect as much as I do.
  5. Do you have any siblings?
    Yes I do, but we are not close.
  6. What motivates you?
    My children do. Making this world a better place for them. Providing them with the best possible “tools” for their journey, may it be knowledge, values, kindness, understanding for the bigger picture, trying to do my best to care for the environment and so on. Seeing people happy motivates me.


  7. Do you have some philosophic moments? What do you mostly think about when you have them?
    Life. I know… Life and my children. I wonder about the beauty of this world, of nature. Where it comes from, where we will head. What will be. Recently my kids (and one of their friends) have asked me some pretty deep questions about death, most probably questions that get us all to be philosophic, also if you lose someone close… And of course when I’m on the beach. The ocean gets me to the point where my mind starts drifting off, where I start dreaming


  8. What is or would be your dream job?
    I think about this very often. It’s also a question that often gets asked. Honestly, everything that has to do with interaction with people. Writing too but I need people. I need the exchanges, the inspirations, the conversations.
  9. Is it different from when you were younger?
    I don’t think so. But rather than claiming that it’s one job, I tend to keep my options open. I know that I will do a great job if I do something that makes me happy. I will give 110%. And I know now that I’m the happiest if there are people involved.
  10. Besides your blog, where do you spent most time online?
    I don’t spend much time online on social media besides the blog. I check Facebook once or twice a day (maybe more if I have to wait somewhere). The blog is definitely where I spend the most time, reading and writing and in conversations in comments.
  11. Do you like camping?
    Now here is the thing: Yes and no. I love being out in nature and camping is great fun. But I like my shower and my bed. It’s just that camping is actually great fun and being sweaty and slightly uncomfortable is a good little lesson. And the bed and the shower feel so much better after a couple of days camping. The campfires, the conversations, the giggles, the stars, the peace and quietness, the fresh air… it’s something… I think we should do it more often…



I think Curlygirlabroad has asked some really great questions and therefor I’d like to pass them on to you. Yep, all of you. I have such a hard time to nominate bloggers for awards. Simply because I feel you all deserve this token of appreciation.

So please, do me a favor: Simply share the link to your favorite post in the comments and consider yourself nominated. If you decide to accept this indirect nomination and write a post, please answer the questions above and if you don’t mind, link back to this post so I get to read your answers. I would love to see what you would answer.

Let’s have some fun 🙂


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    My lovely Swisstralian sunshine friend, Sandra, was nominated for this great award which has a certain meaning to me. When she said I should consider myself as nominated I couldn’t help it but to reblog her post and thank her for her kindness!

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