Why Do I Write?

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I love award nominations. Don’t worry, this post has nothing to do with yet another blogger award and I’m also not fishing for another nomination. What I like in regards to the nominations are the questions that mostly come along. I think you find out a lot about a blogger when you read their answers.

One of the questions that is often asked is “why do you write”. It’s a good question, actually. Why doΒ  we all write?

I think some of us want to share their story. They’ve been through a lot in their life and not only are they looking for an outlet but they also want to help people in the same situation by telling their story. It’s not the case for me.

Some of us write because they are about or are planning on publishing a book. They use blogging as some kind of advertising and networking tool for their books. Although I have two novels sitting there edited and I really need to get onto doing something with them it’s also not the case for me.

Then there are the ones that write because they want to earn money from writing. How fantastic, right? I’d really love to do that too but it’s not the case either. At least not at the moment.

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So what is my reason for writing?

Thoughts. All kind of thoughts. They all float around in my head. Eventually they come together and build a story. And I feel the urge to write it down. This story. This story about parts of my life. Past, present, maybe the future. This story about my feelings, my fears, my disappointments, my anger, my frustration, my joy, my hopes.

Pictures are spinning around in my head creating words and those words need an outlet. I always preferred writing. I’m not shy. It’s not that I shy back from conversations. It’s not that I’m introverted. I love chatting with people, discussing things, telling stories. And I love writing it down. Because sometimes I feel like I can express myself much better in writing.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to make money from my writing and one day I might. I do want to finally publish my books and I know I want to write more of them. I have a story to tell. The reason for writing though is the love of the feeling of my fingers hitting they keyboard, the clicking sound when they do and seeing the words appear on the screen.

And then there is the exchange. The exchange with all of you guys. The inspiration I get from you. The new images that you create in my mind that form words and eventually create another story.

I write because I want to bring my thoughts on paper (or the screen as a matter of fact). I write because I create something new, I relive something old and I get in touch with something inside of me that I have to still discover. I write for the memories I have and the memories to be created. I write to not forget and not being forgotten.

Most of all: I write because it makes me happy.

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25 thoughts on “Why Do I Write?

  1. Love your reasons for writing. Writing because you love it. Writing because it speaks to you. Writing because you feel that it is right. This is why I write too. Engaging with others in this lovely community is also a reason that keeps me blogging here. Glad to have connected ❀

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    • I’m glad to have connected with you too. You know, you can feel that you love writing and writing about what you write about. You can tell that you have strong feelings about whatever you write about.

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  2. I think you have the best possible reason to write. As for myself, I’m in it for the money. Who could resist the life of opulence and splendor that comes with being a WordPress blogger? πŸ˜€

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