About Lists

I often wonder how real writers do it. I get how you come up with a story. I get how you come up with maybe another one. But then? Does the inspiration keep hitting you?

I know from my experience how difficult it actually is to keep track of the story you want to tell. I know how difficult it is to put meat on the bone and to bring the story alive. I’ve heard about story lines and creating lists. I’ve never done it. But then, I’m not a successful writer.

So I wonder: Do writers make lists? And what do they put on their lists? Describe the characters to the dot? Describe the world it all happens in to the dot? List every person involved and their character traits? What would you put on a list if you were a writer?

When I write my posts I mostly write from the heart. I write out of the moment. Only sometimes I put ideas on a list. Or actually in “notes” on my iPhone. It’s when inspiration hits and I can’t start writing right away.

I thought I might make a list of lists I imagine I could create in the future:

  • Things you should not do to loved ones
  • Things you learn from your parents
  • Things you teach your children
  • Things you will do different in the future
  • Things to discover
  • TV Shows I’d like to binge watch
  • Posts I want to write
  • Things I believe in
  • Things I would ask Ellen DeGeneres
  • Places I like to visit

The list of lists could go on and on. But I think I should focus now on actually working on the list of posts I’d like to write and maybe you can help me out a little there. Is there anything you like me to write about? Anything you feel I should touch on? If yes, let me know and I might as well do it 😉

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