My Picks Of The Week #41

Hey you all, it’s the weekend! It’s finally here! What are you all up for? Do you have big plans?

It’s time for my picks of the week again and I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I did. Hope your week was good to you and that you will have a very happy weekend 🙂

Suzie Speaks
About appreciating what we do…

About horrific things you really, REALLY (don’t) want to know about traveling in airplanes…

Scary Mommy
About something I would never ever do and I would definitely advice everyone to not do it to my kids as you would not walk away unharmed…

Dreamwalker Sanctuary
About shining your light…

About four questions…

Stephanie Kepke
About a young mom…

About a long walk home…

Coach Daddy
About the challenge of blogging…

Merry Madness
About kindness…

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