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Why are we not good enough for ourselves to stick to our original self? Whenever I observe people I realize that in most cases they all try so hard to be something else, someone else, than they originally are. Why? What makes us feel so insecure that we cannot stand up for who we truly are and make the world see it?

The funny thing is that we tend to chase after this originality in all other aspects of life. We want original paintings, we want original ideas and so on. When it comes down to our personality we tend to try hard to simply fit in. Original seems not to be desirable.

Back in the town I grew up we certain people originals. They were the ones that were well liked but often considered a little bit behind. Kind of like the original mobile phone, you know. It was once very cool but, hey, we moved on and what we get now is so much better than that original one… In relation to a person it’s a bit tough, so I find.

I remember looking at those people, the people that were labeled originals and wondering why it would be a bad thing. Yes, in a way they did not move with the time. Well, they did but they didn’t let all the “in” stuff make slaves of them. They lived their life according to what they considered right. They stuck to what they felt was right and who they felt they truly are. Back then it was strange in some cases. Because when you are young you don’t want to be like them. You want to be hip, you want to be the one who understands everything and who goes with what’s in . You want to be cool, hip, in, desirable. And in doing so you create a different kind of you. A kind of you that ticks the boxes off of the list of things you think are in, hip, cool, progressive.

There is nothing wrong with being progressive. Not at all. I think it is fantastic to be cool and hip and progressive. But we should not forget who we are in the process. And we should most definitely not change our original self just so we fit in.

Being original is a good thing. It makes us special. It makes us unique. It makes us stand out from the many “clones” surrounding us… It’s what makes us us.

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11 thoughts on “Original

  1. We simply mustn’t sell our souls and only go ways we feel as our ways. Sometimes those are not always the easy ways but still the right ones – that’s original. Great post Sandra!

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    • Thanks, Erika. It’s a hard path to choose, a hard realization to make but then it gets easier on the go. I believe that often we only realize that we are not our true self when we are already deep into being shaped. Breaking out of it takes a lot of will power.

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  2. I think it takes quite a while for people to come to this…I know it’s something I continually reiterate to my teen still at home with us who feels that need to fit in. It’s a great moment when I see him take that step outside the standard and do what he feels in the moment and receive some positive feedback. I think that’s a way we might encourage this…not only to be true to yourself, but to also try and encourage others who we see trying to share their own unique outlooks.

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    • Well said. My son is a freshly “baked” teenager now and I hope he will stick to his originality for as long as possible. In a way it’s part of maturing to try to fit in and taking on all those roles, to then hopefully find out that you are so much better originally…

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