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A week ago I “signed” up with Danny for a little healthy challenge. The aim is to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle (read here) with workout, healthy eating and a positive outlook on life. While I sort of missed out on getting my summer body ready during winter, I still have spring and early summer to do so. What good is it to make a commitment and not sticking to it, right? And how can you stick to it without giving updates.

So here is my update.

It’s now been a week. And it’s been a good week. For me this first week was not about losing weight. It was about getting my head in the right mindset. It’s about getting used to the new routine. It is all about routine you know. Getting out of your old habits and used to new habits. It takes time but step by step it will become normal. While I have not lost weight as per Sunday, I have lost 2cm around my waist.

I always measure myself when I start a “diet” like this. I measure myself because although you do everything right sometimes you might not lose weight. You might even gain a little bit although you did everything you were supposed to do. You might gain weight because you put on muscles.

You can also gain weight because your body is building up fluids. This can have many reasons:

  • You might not drink enough water
  • Fullmoon
  • For women: Your period or the days leading up to it
  • Medication you had to take
  • Stress
  • Certain food combinations (ie if you eat apple and beef on the same day you might react to it by building up fluids in your body)
  • And alcohol of course

You’re still losing weight but your scale might not show it. The water your holds back can disappear as fast as it has build up and it will show on the scale again pretty quickly. And if you are not losing weight because of building muscles it will change pretty quickly too as your muscles will burn more energy.

But believe me it can be frustrating if you expect a weight loss and the numbers on the scale don’t show it. But they show on the measuring tape. My advice: Measure the areas you want to get thinner. Stomach, hips, legs, you name it.

I realized that I never really mentioned my goals properly. I guess if you put it out there and you want to keep giving an update then you need to mention numbers too, right? As I’ve mentioned my aim is to go back to my heavier pre-baby weight. This has been 54kg. I know that I can reach 56kg as I’ve done it post my second baby and I was able to stick to it for quite a while. So this time I do want to get down to 54kg and I plan on doing it the following way:

I’ve started this week with 2 detox days, cutting my calorie intake down to 500Cals a day, eating only white meat (chicken, fish), eggs, green and white vegetables. No carbs, no dairy, no red vegetables, no fruits but 1 orange a day. Lots of water. As little salt as possible and of course no sugar. During those two detox days I’ve lost just about 1,5kg, which will stay off if I don’t mess up now.

I will keep my portions low, sticking to a max of 1600Cals a day, which should hopefully will shed another 500gr off by the end of the week. Then it should continue with a loss of 500-800gr a week. I’m aiming at reaching a weight of about 60kg, ideally under 60kg, by the end of this month.

For November I’m hoping to continuously drop 300-700gr a week, which should get me close to 57-58kg by the end of November by adding detox days at one point again, continuing with the 500gr per week until Christmas and I should reach my goal.

I tell you right now that I will not beat myself up if I end up being 56kg instead of the 54kg because it will already be a great result. But I will beat myself up if I get slack again and find excuses. As I said it’s in your head and in your heart. And I so want to get down to the 54kg. No matter if I reach 56kg or 54kg by the time before Christmas I will allow myself time off during the holidays, off course not going over board but just enjoying the festive season to then get back on track in January.

I will keep you updated on a weekly base. I think it’s good to be watched in certain cases 😉



9 thoughts on “Where I’m At

  1. Dieting has always been the hardest part for me. But I have seen how cutting down on carbs and adding more protein and fat to my diet helps. Currently my weight is good. But it would help me if I shed a couple more kgs and then build some muscle mass. I might try that detox thing (veggie option for me) and see if that helps. It is also good for the body to get rid of those toxins from time to time.

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  2. I remember when you injured yourself and/or got sick a year or so ago, which prevented you from working out. I currently find myself in a similar situation, though I KNOW that today I am stretching that excuse since I am feeling nearly normal.
    Before that, like just over a week ago, I had actually started walking and listening to TEDtalks. One of them was on this subject and stated the premise that “After hitting on a brilliant new life plan, our first instinct is to tell someone, but Derek Sivers says it’s better to keep goals secret. He presents research stretching as far back as the 1920s to show why people who talk about their ambitions may be less likely to achieve them.” Here’s the link if you’re interested.

    Good thing I NEVER set lofty goals or, if I do, I tell as few people as possible about them! Good luck with yours, though.

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    • Hahaha… oh my… I see what you are saying and I think there’s a lot to it. I will write a post soon about where I’m at right now and will mention some struggles. Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan, right?!


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