No Laughing Matter

It’s boggling my mind how people can still support Trump. After all he said and then claimed to have never said. After all he did.

He is crazy.

But put this aside and think about one thing: Do you have a mother? Do you have a wife? Do you have a sister? Do you have a daughter? Are you a woman?

If you said yes to only one of those above, let me ask you: If a man, any man, would treat you or one of the above the way he treats women, if a man, any man, would talk about you or any of the above the way he talks about women, would you like this person? Would you want this person close to you or your mother, wife, sister, your daughter??? Would you want this person to be in charge of you, your mother, your wife, your sister or your daughter? Would you want any guy to say that he will “grap her by the p…y”?

Would you? Well, I guess then you are as nuts as he is.

I definitely would never want anyone like him being either close to anyone I know or in charge of me or anyone I know.

He breeds a very sick environment and he will most probably not stop. He will bread racism, he will bread homophobia and he will bread rape and sexual abuse. He is dangerous. For you in the USA but also for the rest of the world…

He is definitely no laughing matter!



22 thoughts on “No Laughing Matter

  1. I understand they want to support the party and they believe in the “conservative Values” of the republican party…but what I don’t get is how they could support a heinous, disgusting pig like him. Whereas I think everything he has said is vile, maybe in some alternate universe (insert sarcasm) some men may talk like this…but when he started to talk about his daughter, of all people, like she is nothing but trash shocked me. That was the most disgusting, humiliating, embarrassing thing in the world. Can you just imagine what his daughter thought about what he was saying…the man is sick.

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    • I think his daughters have been through worse. But money patches it up… I so hope people realize that supporting their party will put him in the leader position and that things won’t be good from then onward. Many of his party are distancing themselves from him. So follow them…

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  2. Trust me there is A LOT Of us here in the USA just as disgusted and confused about how he still has support! What can I say, this has been an election like no other before. So MANY are fed up with both of our choices! Its sad and scary. The only reason that Hillary has most of her supporters is due to people being so disgusted with Trump! Its definitely not due to people being overly charmed by her! We so need to have a Do-over! Fire them both and pick again!

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  3. Unfortunately, Trump is a demigod and his followers applaud anything he does, the more outlandish, the more they love it. Then when you add politics to it, the republican party is coming to terms with the monster they helped create. The smart ones are jumping ship, I don’t know what took them so long but these tapes are the catalysis.

    His organization is starting to self-destruct around him and he’s desperate so expect more outlandish things out of him. But he will lose and I predict it will be a hard fall. And the very people who are ignoring these tapes and other things he’s done they will be held accountable by the voters.

    To give you an idea how these tapes are being received, my daughter came home sick today because she’s so upset by Trump and his tapes and all the other things he’s done. There is a chain reaction going on because of this. It’s just that you don’t always hear that part of the story… it’s not loud enough.

    Thanks, JC

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    • I’m glad to hear that something is shifting. I really hope it will continue to shift in the right direction. Hope your daughter recovers… It all makes me sick too and I’m so far away…


  4. Everyday it’s something else outlandish with Trump. I don’t know how anyone could support him, he is totally bat shit crazy. One of his female supporters told his VP Mike Pence that there would be a revolution if Clinton won. How very sad and pathetic. Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but himself and his family. He will destroy the United States if he’s elected. I just can’t believe with everything he’s done, that his supporters think he’s going to do something for them. My passport is up to date in case I need to flee. Never in my 57 years on this planet have I witnessed anything so vile. The Republican party created Donald Trump out of their racism for our current president. He’s the monster they created, and now they don’t know what to do.

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  5. I am most assuredly not a Trump supporter however neither do I feel Clinton is any better. It is like someone offering me a choice: terminal brain cancer or terminal lung cancer. Um…neither?!

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  6. I think everyone should take time to listen to Walleed Aly as he articulates perfectly and sincerely about any subject. Respect for all creation – women, men, children, all species – is fundamental if we are stop the hatred, the abuse, the racism and killing – we must try to be hopeful and strive to live our own lives lovingly and peacefully.

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  7. This election has just taken over everything, can’t wait till it’s over. Hope the Americans can at least pick the better of two evils and the rest of us will hope that we all don’t get screwed by the decision.

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