Where Do You Write?

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When you would ask me what my dream work space would look like I would tell you that I would love to have an office with a view. Maybe similar to the one in the image above. A view of the ocean, a forest, mountains. You name it. When I write I often wonder where you all have your “work space”. Some of you I picture sitting on a desk, in a nice clean modern room. Others I see in a cozy study, surrounded by books and some I see typing away on their iPhone or iPad somewhere on a train, commuting.

I guess if you want to write you can write everywhere, in almost any position. But where is the one spot you actually feel the most comfortable with? What surroundings inspire you the most?

My “office” is far from providing a view like the one in the beginning of this post. Actually there is basically no view and you can’t really call it an “office” either.

I usually write sitting at our dining table in the living room. It’s the place I like to be. It’s been a while since I’ve had a study or a proper work space. I don’t mind it to be honest though. Sure, sometimes it gets a little bit wild here and then it’s hard to focus but normally I don’t mind being in the middle of everything. I feel that I’m still connected to everyone in that way.

Somehow it’s our dining table where everything happens. I write here, the kids do school here, we play board games and of course enjoy your meals here. I grew up with a kitchen being the center of our home. Now I think it’s the dining table but then we have an open living, dining and kitchen area and everything flows together. So maybe it is still the kitchen being the center of our home.

If I really have to detach myself from everything and everyone I put my earplugs in and start listening to music. I tell the kids before I do so they don’t think I’m ignoring them. Often I have to take them out. I miss hearing what’s going on around me. Maybe it’s still part of an instinct, a leftover from many, many hundreds of years ago. When we had to rely on our senses to stay safe. We no longer do that really. So maybe this plays into the fact that I like to sit on a table that is located in a way that I keep oversight of what’s happening. And maybe that’s also the reason why I rather have to focus harder on what I want to say than putting earplugs in and not hearing what’s happening.

Whatever it is, it guided me to the point where I feel the most comfortable. It’s not often that I leave this space and write somewhere else. Usually it’s when we travel, when I have to find a different spot anyway. Or on stunningly beautiful days where I just don’t want to stay inside and move out to our little backyard. But to be honest, the feeling I have while I write there is not really the same.

So tell me: Where is your special spot? Where do you feel comfortable when you write? Are you dreaming of an work space with a view too or do you have it already?

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34 thoughts on “Where Do You Write?

  1. My dream space would be somewhere like your top picture, a room with an ocean or water inspired view.
    My reality?
    Usually in my bedroom, on my Surface, or if I’m lucky, on the family computer in the dining room! Sometimes, in my phone or Tablet, if inspiration hits at strange moments too. I find scraps of paper all the time too… A good old fashioned one and paper can be used anywhere!!

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  2. Reality for me is a desk top computer on a desk in the small bedroom which by coincidence is also where I sleep. It”s crowded and cramped but I don”t have far to travel for work. The window is behind me but with the curtains permanently drawn, the wall I face has bookshelves and picture of my lovely wife for me to smile at,
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  3. I write where I find space to write. I am lucky with my Apple computer (although also have a Windows machine) as the Apple Macbook survives without power for at least 10 hours, is light to carry and I can go where I want to. In Summer I sit outside on the porch surrounded by fresh air, bird song and smells of nature (especially if the farmer has been fertilising the fields). In the colder days I move to a quiet room that I could call an office. Yesterday the office was occupied for work on the wooden floor, so I shifted to the kitchen.Mr. Swiss decided to bake an Γ„pfelkueche, so I shifted to the living room – chei ProblΓ€m. At the moment I have my breakfast next to the computer (Schnitte mit Konfi) and am writing in the kitchen, although on the Windows computer which is plugged in next to me. It is not so much where to write, but what to write. You get good views everywhere in Switzerland, especially when you live in a 500 cow village where the hedgehogs and cats say goodnight to each other.

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    • Hahaha. Yes! I totally know what you are saying. You are right, the Mac is pretty good in that sense. I love my little Apple too. The place you live sounds like the place we used to live… I loved it there πŸ™‚


  4. Hi! Interesting post! πŸ˜‰ Well, I write and work on my blog in our living room where I have a little desk with my laptop πŸ˜‰ This is where I feel comforting! Sometimes I write in the kitchen at the dining table, too! Junior makes his homework and I’m there too πŸ˜‰
    And yes, I like it to see everything what’s going on, too πŸ˜‰

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  5. I sit on the couch with my laptop, usually with either YouTube or Netflix in the background, can’t have music or else I get distracted, can’t have silence or else I get bored and it feels like a chore. It’s usually the morning where I write, so I’m usually in a pink dressing gown with a coffee.

    I think it is my dream spot, believe it or not, all my creativity comes from the couch in front of the tv. I paint, knit and eat on the couch. My bachelor life so to speak.

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  6. I spent a significant amount of time writing from a barstool on our kitchen island. It’s the center of our main floor, and we have an open floorplan so — much to my son’s frustration — I can keep my laptop away from him and still keep an eye on what he’s doing.
    I much prefer working in a public place with background noise equivalent to white noise, and I go out of my way to do that whenever I’m struggling with a writer’s block. The extrovert in me appreciates having people around, and I can still focus because no one noise stands out from the bustle.

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  7. The ocean view, that is. When I do write, it can vary as to where I write. Generally I go into the bedroom and shut the door because I find it very distracting to be around people and/or noise, so I do best when I am alone in the quiet.

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