Blast From The Past – Old Or Young

We’ve spent the day out hiking in one of the beautiful forests in the closer area. It was just one of those amazing spring days. A day you just want to spend outside. Spring is in the air and that definitely also applies to all the “lovebirds” out there. Today I did not only see young couples. I also watched some more senior ones. As much as young love is beautiful I find it truly wonderful to see an older couple together. Today reminded me of a post I wrote earlier this year, which I’d like to share as a Blast From The Past. I did it again… I assumed that the older couple has spent a lifetime together and I admired them for still being so much in love with each other. But did they really? Or did they just find each other?

“How sweet to see that they still want to hug and kiss. I imagine they’ve been together for a while now. But who knows? Maybe they’ve only just found each other.” It’s a line from my last post. This line got pointed out by Her Breaking Point. Just as it is. Her comment in which she mentioned how much she likes the line, triggered some thoughts in me.

Often, when I see an older couple together, I imagine them being together for a lifetime. I picture their history, how they spent years together, raised their children, traveled, survived difficult times together. But then: Just because they are together now, what makes me think that they actually have been together for a long time? Why do I expect them to have spent a lifetime together? Why am I not also considering that they might have only just found each other?

Because they are old?


I guess so…

Because on the other side, if I watch a young couple together I automatically think they they are at the beginning of their journey. That they only just found each other, a lifetime of hopefully love and family in front of them. And yet I could be wrong again.

Maybe they both know each other from early childhood. Knew from a very early stage that they never want to be without each other. They might have more history together than the elderly couple I mentioned prior.

And yet because someone or something is old or new, we put a label on it. We automatically paint that picture that we think would match their age. Without really hesitating.

Do we do this because we would love to have a beautiful story made up just for us?


But couldn’t the story be beautiful the other way around too? Isn’t it a beautiful thought that someone of a higher age could find new love, enjoy this feeling like a teenager, giggle together, hug, kiss, fool around, just be young again in this sense and enjoy every single moment of being in love once again? Maybe even for the first time…

And isn’t it a beautiful thought that you can actually also find your true love while still in diapers and playing in the sand pit and then spend a lifetime together? Probably being constantly told that you should meet other people, because you might one day think you missed out on something…

Funny how we see things and have our expectations how it all came to be. Or is it just me? Does it happen to you too?

Love is a fantastic thing. It does not stop at a certain age, it picks the right moment, it picks the right people and it does its own thing.

Now I wonder if you have a fantastic love story to tell? Have you been with your partner from a young age on? Have you met him after you thought you had a life already? What is your story? What is your love story? I would love to hear it and feature it in my ‘Couples‘ (check out all the fantastic stories shared so far). So if you have a wonderful story to share (yours or maybe your parents’ or the story of someone you know), please email it to me so I can post it here. Of course giving you credit and linking it to your blog.

Looking forward to reading your story hopefully soon.



15 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – Old Or Young

  1. What a beautiful perspective… Loved your thinking on this 🙂 and yes I can ponder upon lives as I can often be found people watching 🙂
    I told my one an only hubby I would marry him when I was 7 and he was 14… He laughed at the idea.. 🙂 But here we are and we celebrated our Ruby wedding anniversary Last year.. 🙂 ❤
    Love and Light xx

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  2. Sweet, but yes, we do tend to assume stories. We have this elderly couple on our street that take walks holding hands. One seems to be declining. They’ve been married a very long time, I asked. They so make me hope my hubby and I will be them one day.
    My daughter has been married since she was 17 and liked her husband since she was 14. She turns 50 in December and they are still married. It’s hit a rocky patch, but they’re hanging in there. Like she said, they’ve got a lot of time invested in this relationship and they are determined to ride the storm together. I guess that’s what it’s all about. We never know what a relationship has gone through to get there, but I’m sure it’s well worth it in the end. People today tend to give up too quickly because we live in a society of instant gratification.

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