Life Is All about Learning And Gaining Knowledge

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I’m a homeschooling mom. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is not. But what I learned from this experience is, that life in itself is all about learning and gaining knowledge. The world is nothing more than an oversized classroom. An oversized classroom in which we will always be students and teachers at the same time.

Today I am looking back on 8 years of homeschooling our son and 4 years of homeschooling our daughter. And it was totally worth it.

When my husband mentioned that he wants to home-school our son I hesitated at first. Of course I had all kind of questions (not to say worries). What about socialization, what about isolation, what about teaching them the right things? Will we be able to handle it? Will we teach him right? I had all those worries. Will our kids end up being the weird ones, who can’t cope with the world and wouldn’t have a clue how to move in a group? I had the same kind of stuff in my head most people bring up, when we talk about homeschooling. For me homeschooling was something only really religious people do or people, who live way out there, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, with no chance to get to a school. Just not the “normal” bunch of people…

I guess it would have been much harder for my husband to convince me, if we wouldn’t have met that couple and their kids back in the days. They lived in our city and my son and theirs became friends. Their kids were amazing. Well educated, smart, polite, fun and had manners.

I honestly can’t remember why we started talking about homeschooling, but it happened and they told us their kids were home-schooled. It was an eye opener for me. All those pictures I had in my mind about home-schooled kids were smashed, nicely smashed, but smashed. There was something else she mentioned that got me:

“Look at nature. Look at the wildlife. Nowhere you will find a group of kids only playing and spending time with the ones the same age. They mix and match and play with older ones or younger ones. They interact with the adults. But us humans, we put the kids in a room all day with kids the same age. They have no chance to watch and learn from older ones.

Life is about constant learning. You never stop. Everything out there is important and you learn from everything and everyone. Whatever you do with your kids, if you take them to the beach, to a park, to the city, to a museum or a zoo, there is always material for you to teach. It is up to you what you make of it. How you approach it. The books are important, but there is so much more. Follow the curriculum and get through those books but never forget the world out there. The world in itself is a huge classroom.”

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She said so many more things, but those words really stuck to me. And it was that conversation that made me “take the risk” and agree to homeschooling.

The kids thrive. They are doing great and they know stuff. Not just the subjects taught by their books but other things. Things we discover when we are out there. Things they learn from simply being out there and talk about everything. Things they learn from older kids or from adults they meet. Or just things they see and then want to know more about. So we look it up.

I have to admit that I’m not the teacher in our little school. My husband’s the teacher… and the principal. I’m in charge of the excursions… and the food and for the after school entertainment 😉 It’s better this way. Homeschooling needs discipline and to be honest, I lack in discipline. I would probably be out there with the kids learning from all the little rocks and rivers and the ocean, from the bugs and the leaves and would forget to open the books.

Homeschooling is not easy. As I already said, it takes a lot of discipline and it can be pretty exhausting from time to time. You’re kids are always with you. We kind of never have a break from each other. I would lie if I claim that it doesn’t get to you every now and then. But then, on the other side, it is so rewarding to see, what you can actually teach your children. How far you brought them already and just to watch how they learn. It is amazing to have them around, as tiring as it can be to entertain them all the time. You also get so much back.

In the end parenting is like a job. You have your good days and your bad days, some days are easy and others are hard. But this is a job I love. My little co-workers or customers are amazing, demanding, but amazing 🙂

Life is a constant learning curve. It will never end if you don’t want it to end. And I want my kids to go out there one day and keep learning. For as long as possible.

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15 thoughts on “Life Is All about Learning And Gaining Knowledge

  1. Sounds like you and your husband have made a great team and done a wonderful job with your kids. You’re right, the world really is our classroom and we never stop learning, any of us. Great post Sandra.

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  2. This made me want to homeschool my kids in the future so so much…
    In my country(Romania) there is no other way than normal schooling…
    But hopefully…after 10 years when i plan to have kids…they’ll do this option…
    I just love so so much how you and your husband see the world…and the kids…and the whole concept of parenting!
    I hurt everytime i see families around me…because…all my classmates had parents in other countries to work or were too busy for them…and most of them grew up on their own…the parents were some kind of “police” for them…and the bond that should be between parents and kids is absent…
    Parents care about money and bills and stuff like that…and kids are laking affection and they turn to bad circles of friends…drugs…and other stuff…
    When parents figure that out it’s too late…and they blame the friends and the world and their kids for everything…but they don’t see the mistake they made…not being there for them…not supporting them and most important…not loving them.
    And to take the school point again…i just finished high school…and i must say…school kind of ruins everything…they just teach theory with very veeery little practice…and after 12 years…i’ve learned nothing about life…and i’m now supposed to go and find my way…but you know what? School cut my wings from very little…they cut off the imagination…the creativity…they cut of everything and force kids into a pattern and into some things they consider to be mandatory…and then ask why kids are hating school…
    Being in a class with kids the same age as you is the most stupid thing ever…i better not start telling the story about how there is literally not even one class where kids don’t bully one another…wether is phisical or psihical…
    School is wrong in so many ways…so are most of the parents

    Seeing you today made me hopefull for the future…and made me feel optimistic!
    Thank you for your existance.


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    • Thank you so much, Kitty, for your wonderful comment. I would love to invite you to write a post about it. Either on your blog (and then I reblog) or you can also write it if you like and email it to me and I put it up as a guest post, linking to your blog. It’s good to hear opinions of others, you know. No matter if they are supportive of homeschooling or not. And I like to share those opinions.
      You are right, it’s sad to see how some parents disconnect with their kids just to make sure they can provide luxury, or a certain lifestyle to the kids and themselves. In many cases it’s not done out of selfishness and most certainly they don’t aim to damage their kids. But sometimes it happens. As you have stated.

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      • I might really write a post about this issue. And i’ll let you know if you want to read and share.
        It’s a topic that is close to me because of the age…and because i lived it and it bothered me for so long and made me think a lot…and learn a lot from experience…
        I still have a lot to see and learn as i find everyday new and wonderful things about life.
        Your post was a ray of light for me.

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  3. I’ve always thought that some people should just not be parents, which clearly does not apply to you and your spouse. I fear, however, that the youngest of my mom’s boyfriend’s kids, coincidentally a boy and a girl who have been home schooled and are now both preteens, may not have been as fortunate. I believe most of the teaching has been done on the computer, and mostly by their generally stay at home dad, while their mother has kept the whole family moving from place to place, trying sometimes to be the stay at home breadwinner but now in med school, or so we’ve been told, somewhere in the Bahamas!. As a result I don’t think they have had much opportunity to develop friendships with other children or to feel like they really have much of a home (or at least a hometown) anywhere. Now they appear to be at least semi-permanently housed in a Chicago suburb and, as a result of their apparently accelerated educational levels, they are younger than their classmates in the public school in which they are now enrolled. Like yours kids, Arvin and Soleil are polite and well-behaved, though I don’t know if they would otherwise be considered as “socially well-adjusted” since I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to them personally in a while. I don’t doubt that they could handle themselves and fit well among similarly well-behaved kids in their class. I am afraid, though, that they may have other adjustments from having been raised in their “moving bubble.” They are bi-racial, which might not be unusual where they live now. No, the biggest potential problem they may face is that they are Jewish. My mom told me that they had been asked if they were Muslim they had responded that no they were not. To this, the kids who were just meeting them said it was a good thing that they were not Jewish because they hated Jews! Now, of course, these poor kids are scared to death! It was truly serendipitous that you met (and were schooled by) that other home-schooling mom when you did!

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    • Wow… poor kids! I would be scared too… Yes, meeting her in that moment seems kind of special. I do think it’s important that the kids have their routine and a steady home. Although we moved house a couple of times over the last 10 years, we moved in the area, so it’s all familiar. And I think it’s necessary for them to do their activities. Group activities. They have done the ones they do for 8, respectively 5 years.
      Having said that: The father of one of my son’s best friends grew up traveling the world because of his Dad being in the army. They never spent more than 2 years at one place. We often talk about how it felt for him. He is very much on top of keeping his family in one place and not moving them too much. So my take is that it was not such a great experience for him although he makes it sound like fun when telling us.


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