For You

Sometimes we just need to hear things like this, right? 😉


25 thoughts on “For You

  1. The lady returned from a routine checkup and was bragging to her husband about all the compliments her doctor had paid to her, her flawless skin, her firm breasts, slim waist and so on. The husband asked, “what did he say about that big ass you have?” Her reply, “but darling, he didn’t even mention your name.”

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  2. The only compliment that’s been paid to my butt is that it’s “…the healthiest butt [person making this statement] has ever seen on a white woman.” (I have a big butt, and I know it). I guess it was a compliment because the next thing he did was ask for my phone number. Men are weird. ^_^

    I didn’t give him my phone number…

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  3. DW had a man compliment her legs. “Damn, girl! Those are the finest legs I’ve ever seen. I’d take those legs over Cindy Crawfords any day!” This was in a gas station 🙂

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