52 Weeks Photo Challenge! Week: 12 – Street

Is it a weird thing to say that streets fascinate me? Well, they do. For one they take you somewhere, past something, past someone. Some are smooth, some are rocky, some are bumpy.

Often we rush along, trying to get form point A to point B, not noticing what we drive past.

When on roadtrips my thoughts tend to drift, I start wandering outside of the car, over the fields we pass by, the hills in the background, the ocean and it’s shore the street follows along. I wonder what is out there, I wonder what people are all about when driving past. I wonder how living there must feel.

A street is not just a street. It tells a story. A story of architecture, a story of culture, a story of venturing out. A story of nothing-ness, a story of those who travel together and the story of those you drive past…

One thing is for sure: Streets connect. Not only places but also people…



Check out The Girls That Dreams Awake’s blog for great recipes and pictures.

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26 thoughts on “52 Weeks Photo Challenge! Week: 12 – Street

  1. I love the streets too…
    When traveling i do the same…i watch as we pass through the cities and i think…how many people…and each and every one of them is unique and they have their own life and their own problems…and feelings…and it just amazes me how little our world is…and the same time so big and complex…
    My dream would be to travel all around the globe and just listen to different old people stories…about their life…about war…about love…feelings they felt…
    I think i will do this sometimes…and eventually write some books about their stories.

    So yeah…roads are this magical thing that connect the little mini worlds called cities and let us see we are not actually the center of the universe and there are so many other things to see and to love…

    Sorry for the long comment…i got lost in thoughts ^_^



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  2. Streets are connecting roads between people and placed. I like this – “It tells a story. A story of architecture, a story of culture, a story of venturing out. A story of nothing-ness, a story of those who travel together and the story of those you drive past…”. Its so True.

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  4. Same here. I’ve always been fascinated with streets and sight-seeing while on road trips because of the many stories that can be read along the way. Like you, I gaze off through pastures and into front yards and through tree lined highways imagining what type of life is being lived beyond where my eyes can see. Roads not only lead us to new places, they remind us of where we’ve come from, and give us a glimpse into the unfamiliar places where others call home.

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  5. When I saw the photos at the top of this post (and all the photos throughout are great, BTW), my first thought was that they really pictured roads as opposed to streets. And, reading through the comments, as I often do, I noticed that many of us really think of streets and roads differently. So, as the word “detective” that I am, I was inspired to try to find a description of the connection but also the differences between the two terms “road” and “street” The following, http://vspages.com/road-vs-street-1839/, pretty well covers the point I want to make:

    ” Many of us who have had the opportunity to be in large cities and towns may stop to wonder whether indeed there is any difference between a street and a road. The reality is that although the distinction may look marginal, the two have very clear differences. Roads basically run in between two points that are a distance away from each other; for example, two towns. As for a street, it is also a kind of a road although, as opposed to a road, the street only serves to link two points in a city that are generally close to each other. The basic distinction that indeed stands out is the fact that in most cases the roads will be graced by vehicles while streets will be used by people. Consequently, roads are prepared in such a way that their surface is meant for cars. In some cases you will find buildings or houses aligned along the roads; when it come to streets, the reverse may be equally true. In cases where you may find buildings along roads, in many instances they are likely to be official buildings that are popular among people such as theaters, film halls and others owned by official companies or agencies. In a street however, houses (and buildings) are owned by private people and are largely residential, or often privately owned and/or commercial. In terms of traffic, roads have more vehicle traffic, like large trucks or buses or other public transportation, considering the nature of public interest they attract as compared to the residential streets.”

    And here’s the part that I think really speaks to the difference between roads and streets:
    “Roads are indeed vast and large in size hence finding places or indeed locating addresses along it may take time. In the case of a street, which is relatively smaller or more densely populated, by buildings and/or people, location of points is easy and fast. The other characteristic of a street that is associated with its nature of having huge numbers of people using it on foot is the presence of numerous markets selling different products. As for roads, the main things that are common, apart from public interest buildings, are largely trees and/or other more undeveloped natural areas.”

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    • Thanks for that! Although it means I have “failed” in regards to the photo challenge I have learned a lot right now 🙂 I guess this is truly a language thing here as I thought that it’s two words for one thing. Now I know better 🙂


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