Picture Battle

Image result for image cat amongst penguins

I knew there will be a day I can use this pic. And the day has come! My blogging friend Cyranny challenged me to a picture battle and I’m happy to accept. Not sure if I do it right though… So take this, Cyranny, the ball is in your corner again (hey we should come up with some rules here…) 😉


9 thoughts on “Picture Battle

  1. LOOOOOOOOL Great one! I knew I wasn’t dealing with an amateur 😉 I just got out of bed… But I’ll get searching for a come back as soon as I am fully awake 😛

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  2. Reblogged this on A Momma's View and commented:

    I would like to challenge the following bloggers to take part in the picture battle:

    Erika Kind
    Ah Dad
    All In A Dad’s Work

    Rules? Nope, there are no rules! Just hit me with a pic you think will win you a point in the picture battle…


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