25 thoughts on “Three Faces

  1. See, you can’t have only one face every time. You change it according to the situation and the people. I always would like to have to have the third face every time.
    Only today I wrote a blog on similar lines 🙂

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  3. The popular one is the first one of course. As a parent, what I show and what my kids perceive can be completely different than the truth. Sometimes, I get the feeling that my children put on a face designed to challenge my approval of them. It is as though they thumb their nose at what I’ve taught them (or perhaps their belief of what I expect of them) as if to say “Do you still love me?” And I wonder if this isn’t contrary to who they really are or want to be. Perhaps we all do that with family. As for the third face. I know it well and it is conflicted.

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