Three Faces

Which one do you show???


25 thoughts on “Three Faces

  1. See, you can’t have only one face every time. You change it according to the situation and the people. I always would like to have to have the third face every time.
    Only today I wrote a blog on similar lines πŸ™‚

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  3. The popular one is the first one of course. As a parent, what I show and what my kids perceive can be completely different than the truth. Sometimes, I get the feeling that my children put on a face designed to challenge my approval of them. It is as though they thumb their nose at what I’ve taught them (or perhaps their belief of what I expect of them) as if to say “Do you still love me?” And I wonder if this isn’t contrary to who they really are or want to be. Perhaps we all do that with family. As for the third face. I know it well and it is conflicted.

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