A Ray Of Sunshine

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It felt as if a ray of sunshine touched my face when I opened the post that had my award nomination in it. It’s always such a beautiful feeling to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award. This time it was Anglea (Never Forget, Never Regret) who nominated me. Thanks so much, my dear, for nominating me and lighting up my day 🙂

Some simple rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you. Done
  • Answer questions from the person who nominated you. I will get to it
  • Nominate other bloggers for this award. Okay…
  • Write same amount of questions for the bloggers you have nominated. Okay
  • Notify the bloggers you have nominated. It’s pingback time 😉


Angela’s questions:

  1. What inspired you to initiate blogging?
    The urge to write and share my thoughts. And then I just did it. The exchange I found in blogging is amazing and I’m so thankful for all the connection I’ve made over the time.
  2. What is the craziest experience of your life?
    Probably our move from Switzerland to Australia and settling in down here. I have not lived a crazy adventurous life so I guess that tops everything. It was for sure a leap of faith and it has paid off.
  3. What kind of blogs do you enjoy reading?
    There are all sort of blogs I love to read. I guess just like my blog is not fitting in only one niche the ones I read do not fit one specific niche. Some are about parenting, some are about relationships, some are inspirational or motivational and some are travel or photo blogs. If a blog speaks to me in its unique way I will read it.
  4. Are you a emotional person?
    That’s a good question and frankly I don’t know the answer. I can steam up but I can also keep my emotions in track. I believe I’m more of a head person.

  5. Do you believe in love at first sight?
    It might sound contrary to what I just said above but yes, I do believe in something like love at first sight. Or let me rephrase it: I believe in attraction at first sight. Love will develop out of it when you truly meet the person. What happens in the first moment is attraction. It’s the outside of a person we see that we fall for. When we then meet that person and get to know the personality and it clicks, that’s when I start speaking of falling in love. But yes, I do believe that you can fall head over heal for someone.

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  6. The best place you have visited?
    This world is beautiful and there are many beautiful places. From the Swiss mountains to the American Rockies. From Australian beaches to its Outback, from Hawaii, the vibrant life of cities like Hong Kong or New York to the beautiful landscape of Brazil. There is so much beauty, so much to discover. I really can’t put my foot down. This world is amazing and we should do our best to keep it that way.


  7. Who is your role model? 
    Everyone who lives a life with values and respect for others and this planet. People who can live a life of kindness and inspire and motivate others. If I could only point one person out it would for sure be my Dad.
  8. What do you love doing the most?
    Spending time with my family.
  9. What do you find most challenging about blogging? 
    Juggling time writing with time reading. There are so many great blogs out there but only so much time I can spend online. So sometimes I can’t visit all the blogs I’d like to. And it gets to me because I feel like I’m letting everyone down…

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  10. What is your favorite movie?
    Movies like Inside Out, The Rise Of the Guardians and Home. Movies that make me laugh and think. Also movies like Now You See Me (I or II) and also Sully. But I’m also happy to watch something totally stupid that doesn’t go deep but makes me laugh like crazy. I have to say that I like almost all kind of genres except Horror movies. There’s enough horror in this world…

    disney pixar inside out

And now to my nominees… People, I love you all. I can honestly not pick again. Therefor I suggest that you share a post of a someone else’s blog, a post you’d like me to read in the comments and I will nominate you for this award. Because sharing is caring, right?

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