The Rant I Promised You

There are posts out there never making it to my Picks Of The Week list. Simply because it can’t wait. I can’t wait sharing them. This one is one of them. Please read if you have not done so yet. It’s a powerful and emotional post that sheds light on many issues that are left in the dark…


12 thoughts on “The Rant I Promised You

  1. I don’t always agree with OM’s opinions but since you had linked to this particular post, and after reading the snippet I could see on your blog, I went there and read the rest. The rant OM went on is one of the reasons I could never have voted for Donald Trump, though of course there are many more. Now that a few days have passed since the election here I have almost recovered and, in reading the scrawl on the bottom of the screen on the morning newscast this today, I see that immigration is at the top of his list on issues to be taken on in the first 100 days of the new administration. I can only hope and pray that whoever is advising him on this topic shares OM’s views and can convince all of those who will be creating the new laws on this subject that blanket statements about immigrants, or any issue really, must be truly reconsidered, rethought and revised so that they are applicable to the real world.

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