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Have you ever wondered about guardians and in what shape and form they come?

Often guardians seem to be something spiritual, something you cannot grab, something you might not be able to see. Something evangelistic, almost unreal.

But why do we consider guardians as such magical creatures?

See, I think guardians are actually everywhere. I agree, we need our magical guardians, something we can believe in when everything goes pear shaped. Something that makes us believe in possibilities that doesn’t seem real. Something that makes us believe in general. But then there are the guardians in human form too.

Parents are guardians. We watch over our children, make sure they stay safe, protect them from harm and make sure their life is sweet and easy.

Friends are guardians. They protect us, they guide us, they stick to us, they watch over us. They’re there for us, when we need them.

Teachers are guardians. They teach us, they guide us, they protect us, they lead us, they watch over us.

Our partners are guardians. They protect us, they hold us, they put us back on our feet, they watch over us, they keep us warm, they’re there for us. They build us up.

Police officers are guardians, doctors are, nurses are.

I think sometimes it’s good to believe in the unreal but then we should also open our eyes to the real guardians that are out there, everywhere, surrounding us. Sometimes we should cross that bridge between real and unreal, leave the unreal there, just in the back of us to look at and consider what is real, standing in front of us. Appreciating the people in our life who are still with us.


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19 thoughts on “Guardian

  1. This is a topic that has so many angles and different views but with one thing in common – the guardian angel is the one who loves you and looks after you. The more we try to break it down, the more we will lost the significance of it.

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  2. Someone has definitely been watching out for me this year. Why else would I have suffered severe nosebleeds to get my blood pressure in check? Or hurt my knee to build up my stamina? Or quaify for 12 free weeks at Slimming World to lose over 2 stones in weight to reveal ‘Humphrey’? All to prepare me for this Lumpectomy, to fight it, and win as I’m in the best physical shape I’ve been in for years. My Guardian Angels are Hubby who cares for me every day, and friends thinking of me, praying for me, and supporting us both. I’m lucky to have so many in my corner.

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  4. Yes, absolutely! We are all spirits around each other – with or without a physical body. That’s why there is always this one helping hand or this one open door when we need it!

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