11 thoughts on “An Expat Interview…

  1. It always seems people are running from and to. It was my case years ago. I felt like I belong in Japan of all places and pursued the culture relentlessly. Looking back, I think I needed to understand and see my own home from another angle– from a distance perhaps. Then I understood what a wonderful place it was and returned. I can barely cross a state boarder now without being homesick.

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  2. That is a fantastic interview, Sandra! Very deep insights to what your move was about and what it means to move to a completely different part of the world. Also great tips for visitors or those who consider moving to Australia!

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    • Thank you, Erika. I’m always open to help people out discovering this beautiful country. I just had one of the nurses, who looked after my Dad in the very end and who was supposed to travel to Down Under Under cancel on the trip. I felt so great giving her all those little tips. Now I’m torn. Unfortunately she got very sick. Now I wonder if I made her feel worse for not being able to most likely ever see all of what I’ve mentioned. Life takes very sudden turns. xoxo

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  3. Though the interview was geared more to “expats” I truly appreciate and am glad that you shared your viewpoint as a “transplant.” I guess I could say then that I was an expat in Brentwood but am more of a transplant in Oak Ridge. Reading this interview helped me to crystallize my own thoughts on the subject, the words and the differences between the two.

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