Living A Nightmare…

I seriously would like to go to bed, wake up and realize that it in fact only has been a bad dream and that this clown is not seriously the leader of one of the greatest nations in this world. I mean, honestly?

I know that the there was no good option here but this simply can’t be it. I have nothing more to say than what I said earlier: We are setting a incredibly bad example for our children. The impact will be huge. The USA as reliable partner does not exist anymore. Well, I guess we will now become part of the biggest reality “show” ever. I just hope it will not end in a complete disaster…

America has decided to accept being grabbed by the pussy… I really hope the pain will not be too much to handle…

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33 thoughts on “Living A Nightmare…

  1. Nightmare was the word I also used a blog post I wrote even before the official results were out… Disappointing and America can now conveniently go in a single sentence of mine…“The biggest reality show ever” which other nicer way to look at it? Maybe you’ll at least have a ‘Miss Universe’ as first lady for the next 4 or 8 years you know 🙂

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  2. The media here in the UK has done nothing all day but talk of these election results.. Here too in the UK our political circles have gone through major changes with surprising results for many..
    The one word I heard more than any other today was the word HEAL..

    I hope as we all go through these times of major changes we can all learn to heal, and embrace our differences.. We need to heal our countries, our communities and our planet..
    Changes are always scary.. and to be honest I couldn’t believe this result.. like many who couldn’t believe so many voted to Brexit..
    I pray we can all learn to heal our differences on both sides of the pond ..
    Because its our grandchildren’s futures at stake.
    My heart is with you all and I hope what ever changes are in store for the USA they help unite and not further divide..

    Love and Blessings to you xxx Sue xx

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      • Yes because we are within the midst of changes right now we do not see the BIGger picture.. 🙂 It often appears darkest before the dawn light. This is all part of the world waking up to itself.. xxx

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      • More still to come.. Some I do not even wish to contemplate my friend.. Which is why it is even more important for us to embrace love and unity and embrace harmonic solutions to our differences.. If we allow the fear to take control we then are playing into the darkside which is waging its war on the Balance of Yin and Yang right now in pockets around our globe..
        As I said on my post recently
        “I am sending much love to you all, and remember to hold each other close as we go through these periods of change, do not get caught up within other people’s drama’s.. Know all things are transitional and Change is Constant.. ”
        Love and Big Hugs your way ❤ xxxx

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      • We are, sadly, a deeply divided nation. This division, nearly fifty-fifty, would have existed without regard to which candidate won the election. And the only viable answer would still have been the same, working toward unity. If we continue to concentrate on the differences rather then seeking common ground then we might find ourselves in an irreversible downward spiral. The world is watching and hoping that we come to our senses soon.

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  3. A nightmare, indeed. I did all I could to try and get Clinton elected…she would have continued progress in the things I care about most- equality, climate change, renewables, social justice, etc. I just cannot believe the US now has this horrendous and foul, warped-Sesame-Street-style character from hell as…president…

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  4. Not just the nightmare presidential election. Currently waiting 10 days for our state to do a recount because the Governor’s race was within 5k votes. What may be at stake? My son’s healthcare (medicaid) coverage. Suckerpunch.

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