Picture Battle – Return

Heya, I thought we all might need a little cheer up after the shocking outcome of the US election.

So I decided to post my return on another round of the Picture Battle game. Let’s do it again! Thanks Cyranny for the invite and forgive me for not posting anything kids related but I stumbled across the one above and pets are family as well, right? I’ll “hit” you with a child related one next time ;-).

I thought this time I create some rules:

  • Post a funny picture (meme or similar)
  • Title of your post must have “Picture Battle” in it
  • Invite at least one blogger to participate
  • Mention the blogger who has invited you to the battle and the blog the Picture Battle has originated (Cyranny’s Cove)
  • Don’t forget to laugh 😉

This time around I’d like to invite the following bloggers to participate:

Out N’About
Dream Big, Dream Often
and of course Cyranny, you are always in too, the ball is in your corner again 😉



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