52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 14 – Soft

The first thing that comes to my mind looking at the word “soft” is how soft my babies’ skin felt right after they were born and then for a very long time. Their skin is still soft. But it changed. Just like they changed. It’s getting stronger, just like they do.

It also makes me think of Dandelions, rose petals and other flowers, the fur of some animals, voices, kisses and hugs.

I wonder: When you think of clouds, do you think of them as soft? I do. I think of them being super soft. For some reason I never imagine them as soft and also warm. What about you?


Check out The Girls That Dreams Awake’s blog for great recipes and pictures.

So here’s what to do in regards to this photo challenge:

  1. Create a post entitled 52 weeks photo challenge :week (which week)-(the theme for the week)
  2. Create a pingback to this page or leave the link to your post in the comments box
  3. Tag the post ’52 weeks’

14 thoughts on “52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 14 – Soft

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