Pingbacks And Blogging

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You never stop learning, right? Every day, every moment can bring a lesson, can teach you something new. I thought I already picked up a lot in regards to blogging over the last two years and I actually thought I had the pingbacks under control. Well, seems like there is one thing I did not know about pingbacks just yet!

What’s a pingback?

“Pingbacks in WordPress have evolved from the use of trackbacks. When someone links to your post, youโ€™ll get a pingback showing up in your comments moderation queue from the linking site.

This will only be true if they have enabled notification to linked blogs in their settings.ย 

You must also enable the use of pingbacks & trackbacks in your Discussion Settings as well to receive them.” – WordPress

We all love pingbacks. They notify us about the awesome fact that our post was shared or our blog mentioned by another blogger in a post. They are a reminder of the networking going on. When a pingback pops up, it usually makes me excited. I head over to the post in which my blog was mentioned and leave a comment, saying thank you to the blogger who shared my post. I think it’s what you should do, you should definitely let them know that you appreciate it.

When I read a post I like or specifically enjoy a blog I like to share this with all of you. So I link their blog or the post in one of my posts. This should normally create a pingback and notify the other blogger about it. I thought I could just simply link to the homepage of the blog and the trick would be done.

Apparently I was wrong.

If you link to other blogs or posts and the bloggers never get in touch with you it’s not because they are ungrateful. It might be because they simply didn’t get the notification. The pingback didn’t work. I was told recently that apparently you only create a pingback when you link to a post of a page but not if you link to the blog’s URL. Thanks Erika, for letting me know! I will make sure to follow this advice in the future, so when I link posts in posts of mine you all will be notified.


40 thoughts on “Pingbacks And Blogging

  1. It really would be nice if WP had a manual on how to blog efficiently and what settings to turn on for this that and the other. No, we all have to find out walking blindly. Great information! Thank you! โค

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  2. I guess I’m dense, or maybe just lazy-I still don’t get it. I have slowly learned bits and pieces over the two or so years I’ve been blogging, mostly by trial and error. I’ll reread your post and try to figure it out!

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