52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 15 – Christmas

I just checked. There are only just under 5 weeks left (or 32 days if not mistaken) till Christmas. It honestly makes me happy. I love Christmas. I love decorating the house and watching the kids as they get excited about putting up one to two ornaments a day each. It’s a tradition we came up with when we moved to Australia. We put up the tree with the lights and then each day the kids put ornaments on it. Like that the tree “grows” into it’s beautiful Christmas-sy self.

I guess the origin of our tradition is a rather “sad”. Sad because it evolved out of some sort of desperation. A desperation my husband and I felt around Christmas. The desperate need of finally feeling the Christmas spirit.

Christmas used to be so different for both of us where we grew up. Both from a ski resort this time of the year we experienced it as a busy, happy time of the year. The ski resort was all sparkly, Christmas lights and decorations everywhere. People were arriving, happy to spend their Christmas break on the slopes, in the snow. The town became alive.

Here it’s different. There are decorations but not as many as we would love to see. Only a few people put some effort into decorating their homes, most of them focus on the inside. Maybe it’s also because many go away as it marks the beginning of the long summer break. It’s just very different here. Somehow the vibe is missing.

So a couple of years ago we talked about what we could do besides decorating our home to get us in the right mood for Christmas. Although baking cookies does its thing too, it will not get you out of the blues by itself. And so we came up with the idea of rather than putting our tree up in one go we would handle it similar to one of the kids Christmas calendars. Just like opening one door a day they could put up that one (or two) ornament a day.

It did the trick. There’s something about watching the tree get more and more colorful and although sometimes it kind of looks like a plucked chicken, it puts a smile on your face. And seeing the excitement in the kids eyes does make it all so much more special.

The one thing I need to keep reminding myself is that it’s the kids job to decorate the tree and it’s their decision where they put which ornament. I need to tell me constantly to not re-position any of them just because I believe it looks or works better. Otherwise the fun goes right out of the window…

Image result for meme christmas decoration and kids ocd

You know what’s the crazy part of it? That they actually do a great job but that I would have done it differently and had that image in my head of how it would have looked. All it is, is letting go of my idea and then looking at the tree again and realizing how beautiful it turned out to be thanks to the way they decorated it. Together. As a team.


Thanks to The Girl That Dreams Awake for this fun challenge. Here is what you need to do in case you choose to participate too:

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8 thoughts on “52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 15 – Christmas

  1. I don’t just love the photos I also love your story! I think you and your husband came up with a lovely tradition 🙂 and just so you know I too meet to remind myself the kids like to put their ornaments where ever they like but unlike you I just deal with it and slowly by surely I rearrange them 😭 am such a bad mother!!! 😂 thank you for joining again in the challenge 🙂

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